Lady of nearly 68 waits four hours for recovery at 23.23 on A5. Only compensation is £35.00!! - Complaint about RAC - A Spokesman Said

Lady of nearly 68 waits four hours for recovery at 23.23 on A5. Only compensation is £35.00!!

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Lady of nearly 68 waits four hours for recovery at 23.23 on A5. Only compensation is £35.00!!

Complaint about RAC

This is the email sent to the RAC. "I’m writing to report a serious feeling of dissatisfaction with the service I have recently received from your company. I was travelling from Long Buckby on the evening of the 18th May 2017 after work travelling towards Premier Inn NN7 4DD. En route, my car started to overheat and after travelling only a small distance had to stop to cool the engine - then I carried on for a short distance. I continued with this procedure until eventually I had to stop and call the RAC. This was at 23.23hrs and after I explained my position he said the waiting time was 72 minutes. I explained I was stopped on the A5 just off the road at the Junction to Brockhill. I was informed by phone at 23.51 that this time had now increased to two hours. I explained that I was very low on phone battery. He said he will update me every twenty minutes and I was going to switch my phone off then on again (hopefully in 20 minutes after guessing the time elapsed) I checked my phone at 00:30, 00:46 and 1.05 and had received no messages, either voicemail or text. The company that was recovering me left a message at 00:59 stating they would be arriving at 2.00am. No recovery at 2.00am. At 2.36am I spoke to the call centre and they were under the impression that I was at Premier Inn NN7 4DD. I explained where I was and they were very shocked I had been on the A5 for that length of time. The recovery company turned up at 3.36 and I arrived home at 5.30am. At no time did I tell that RAC that I was broken down at the Premier Inn! As a woman who will be turning 68 in September, I ended up feeling extremely vulnerable at being left on the roadside in the middle of the night, getting extremely cold with little phone battery as I explained to your assistance team. I feel the service was poor and did not meet the reassurance factor that was expected from subscriptions to the service and the overall experience has caused me significant distress and has undermined my confidence in travelling alone in the future knowing now that the safety net I thought was in place from my RAC membership is in fact non-existing. Please could you explain to me the series of errors that occurred that resulted in such poor communication from the telephone response team to the recovery vehicle and what sort of training you are likely to put in place to ensure that your representatives are suitably responsive to the needs of your customers. Also, I would be grateful to know how this lack of reasonable service will be compensated for to myself. Friends have recommended other recovery agencies to me and I am seriously considering changing from yourselves to one of your competitors. If you can provide me with reasons why I and my family can put our faith in your service, then myself and my three daughters may decide to stay with the RAC into the future." Thank you.

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