Xercise4less Wrongfully Charged Me £65 - Complaint about Xercise4Less - A Spokesman Said

Xercise4less Wrongfully Charged Me £65

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Daiyan Hussain


Xercise4less Wrongfully Charged Me £65

Complaint about Xercise4Less

I decided to cancel my membership at xercise4less, as I was not using the gym anymore. I completely forgot about cancelling it until the £20 was paid to them for the next months usage. I was unable to get this back, even though I wasn't going to use the gym, but it was my fault and I had no issues. I proceed to cancel my account by first cancelling my direct debit (note that I've already paid my £25 for the month), then I close the account. I knew the account was closed because I couldn't log in afterwards. I got a text last week saying I'm in debt with them and they will get third party debt collectors involved if I don't pay them. I was completely baffled, but after talking to them, apparently it's against their ToS to cancel your direct debit first, even if you have made the payment for the month, which is stupid. I decided to pay the fee, hoping to claim it back later. I sent them an email 7 days ago, detailing all of this and threatening to contact the consumer rights authorities, if they failed to compensate me. I don't understand how this is being allowed in the UK, this is clearly a malicious attempt to con people out of money. The broke down the charges as follows: £25 monthly fee (even though I had cancelled, but according to them I haven't), £25 Admin fee, and £20 cancellation fee. Worst of all is I was on the phone with one of their workers at my local gym who told me how to close my account, he didn't say anything about a cancellation/Admin fee. This is just ridiculous, since they are ignoring my emails I'll ring them, and try to get the issue resolved. If not I'll contact the trading authorities.

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