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They don't care about customers being happy

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Claudine Harper


They don't care about customers being happy

Complaint about The Range

Shopped and spent a lot in here since it opened but upon purchasing an innocent lamp for my sons room, finding it was not light enough to light the room up (it's not a huge room), I pack it back up (non sealed box) and even before 24 hours pass, I try to return it to EXCHANGE it with another lamp I decide would be better, one that is more expensive. They refuse to take back the lamp because I admitted to plugging it in. It is their policy that this comes under "used". I told them the lamp is unfit for purpose because it doesn't do the job. I told them I might not have told them I even plugged it in and they would be none the wiser. I told them I have bought lamps in the past from other shops, plug them in and find they don't look good or whatever and can get an exchange or refund without any fuss. They don't care. They give me the customer service telephone number and tell me they might be able to help me. I call the next day and the lady on the phone was the most unhelpful customer service person I have ever experienced. SHe just repeated herself like she was reading from a script. I argued that shoe shops take back shoes you have worn in the house - that could be classed as used. Shops even suggest you try things on at home, like clothes and can return them if you have an issue, like it doesn't fit or look good or you just don't want it and you can return it. I told the lady that I would not come into their store again. If they exchanged this lamp, I was going to give them more money for a better one, but no, they don't want that. They don't care that they have lost a customer. There is no such thing as "goodwill" or keeping the customer happy to them. I asked to speak to someone higher up and they refused. They were perfectly willing and happy to just upset me and never have my money again. They would treat customers this way just to keep their £10 for a rubbish lamp I can't even use. Strange way of running a business. I worked in retail for 6 years and I would have gotten fired if i treated customers that way. Disgusting. I want a full refund for the useless product.

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