terminated contract and been told i havent - Complaint about Vodafone - A Spokesman Said

terminated contract and been told i havent

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terminated contract and been told i havent

Complaint about Vodafone

Well in febuary I thought id cancel my contract with Vodafone because it was 2 years in the end of march. Because my mobile hasn't worked since Christmas I live chatted to them. This was done on the 27th febuary at 2pm. After been being put through to the termination team. She said my contract was terminated. Did I want to look at a more suitable mobile contract. Wasn't really fussed but said ok. All to have the same priced contracts pushed to me. After about +30 minutes on chat. It was getting on and I needed to go do some work. I just gave up and switched it off. To my surprise I had a bill for april. Just thought they made a mistake. So I went to the bank and just cancelled my dd. Then I received a bill for may. Followed by a email saying difficulty paying and my mobile was switched off. Then Ive received a debt collecting agency letter asking for the outstanding amount. So I went on live chat again. Only to be told she hadn't cancelled my contract because I left the chat window. But he could cancel the outstanding amount if I took out a new contract. Which I said I didn't. He couldn't help me. So he was going to escalate the complaint. It would take 2 days for them to get back to me. But he would terminate my contract properly. Didn't ask for the live chat from the febuary 27th which he wouldn't do. During that time I received another bill for £30! Weeks gone and ive received another letter off the debt collection person. pay up or they'll send a debt collector £70 outstanding on the bill. Do I wait for Vodafone to get back in contact or is this escalation the debt collector. I haven't used the mobile and had no reason to. Do I have any legal rights on this and is there anything I can do? I don't see why I should pay it ive been a customer of Vodafone for 14 years.

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Phil Wilson | 04/07/2017 08:57 | VERIFIED

Hi Charles, Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. So we can assist further, please contact our designated team here: http://vdfn.co/wrt135 Once done, we’ll be in touch to help as soon as possible. Thanks, Vodafone UK

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