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Amendments to order

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Iqra Razaq


Amendments to order

Complaint about Merlin Annual Pass

I placed an order last night and have made a mistake on the delivery option - which wouldn't have happened if the website would have allowed me to put through 5 passes in one go. Hence I had to place 2 separate orders. The website automatically selects delivery option for you and I didn't realise that till I was placing the second order - for my second order I chose 'home delivery'. I wanted the delivery option for my first order amended - spoke to merlin directly - have been advised that I need to contact Blackpool (as that was the home attraction). The staff was very unhelpful over the phone and said no way can they amend it once a payment has been made - I advised them that I had placed the order last night and am contacting them first thing in the morning - payment hasn't been processed yet but they refused and said we can't help you. They just wanted me off the phone. I am very disappointed with the service - this is my first time getting the passes and I am already disappointed with the attitude of the helpline. I don't understand why they weren't able to amend the order as the payment has not been processed. I have paid all this money only to be told that no amendments can be made to the order when it's not even processed. Dont think I would ever get a merlin pass again. For me a customer service is key and the first impressions are very disappointing.

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Tim Wenmouth | 03/07/2017 08:56 | VERIFIED

Dear Iqra, thank you for your message. Please email us at [email protected] and we will be able to discuss this issue with you. Regards, Merlin Annual Pass Team

Iqra Razaq | 03/07/2017 10:52

Thank you for your response - I have just sent an email to the email address provided - I have included all the order details and have included the email sent to Blackpool directly per the advise of Merlin Helpline. Do you have a contact number I can call? I really need this matter resolved urgently. Regards Mrs Razaq

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