Difficulty cancelling membership, harrassed by CRS - Complaint about Xercise4Less - A Spokesman Said

Difficulty cancelling membership, harrassed by CRS

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Difficulty cancelling membership, harrassed by CRS

Complaint about Xercise4Less

I signed up for a 12 month contract with xercise4less in 2016 (according to my most recent letter from the credit resolution services this was January 2016). In January 2017, thinking I still had several months to continue with my membership, I submitted a cancellation request on the basis of poor health, and along with this I included a letter from my local Hospital detailing my condition. This was not accepted by xercise4less, and so I decided to let my 12 month contract finish despite not attending the gym during the final few months (I believed my contract was due to end in March not January). I then cancelled my direct debit at the end of what I believed to be the 12th month, although it now appears to have been the 14th month. The cancellation of my direct debit is where the problems began. A few weeks later in April I received a demand for payment from the Credit Resolution Services (Harlands) of £34.99 which included an admin charge due to cancellation of my direct debit. There was no attempt by xercise4less to contact me about an alleged missed payment, my case was simply handed over to their debt collection department. I contacted the desk at xercise4less Fishponds and my details could not be found on the system, yet I was told to reinstate the direct debit to pay the amount demanded. I received a further letter from CRS dated 8th May, which increased the payment to £104.97. This payment has now been increased to £171.47 despite my attempts to reason with CRS. I wrote to CRS explaining the situation, and that I had in fact submitted a cancellation request in January, and that I was prepared to pay a further £9.99 to allow for an additional period of notice that they required. I received no response to this letter. I then contacted the manager at xercise4less Fishponds who offered no assistance. While on holiday overseas I was emailed several times by CRS (June 23rd), to whom I explained I was overseas and unable to respond appropriately. I received an email in response stating that I had 7 days to call them despite the fact that I had told them I was overseas; however they attempted to call me within 5 days. This was extremely distressing and ruined several days of a much needed break. I have received numerous text messages and phonecalls in addition to the letters sent to my home address, which is causing me significant anxiety. I have tried to resolve this by offering an additional month payment, but instead have been met with increasing fees being added to the alleged outstanding balance. I have been unable to provide them with evidence of my submitted cancellation, as this is done through the website as an online portal. I have attempted to log on to my account, which no longer exists. My details are no longer registered as a member at this gym, and I have even been sent emails offering me a discount on restarting my membership (16th June), which proves that my membership has in fact been cancelled. When I submitted my request to cancel my membership in January, my hospital letter was rejected, yet it seems that my 12 month contract had actually been fulfilled in January, so it should have been a straightforward cancellation without the need for a doctors letter. I was not advised of this. I have now contacted the CEO of xercise4less, Trading standards, and the Financial ombudsman - with respect to CRS. I am awaiting their response.

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