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Gtech sort your company out.

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Gtech sort your company out.

Complaint about Gtech

I have just come off crutches due to a knee operation and thought an electric bike would help my rehabilitation so I rang Gtech to see if they had anywhere near me that had a demonstrator for me to try which they didn’t but the lady said she’d get another department to contact me to see if they had any events neat me where I could try one out. I said fine but didn’t want to contacted by phone so I didn’t give her my number just an email address to be used. The next morning first thing Gtech rang me despite me saying not to they must have copied my number down from their screen when I rang as I never told them it. Anyway there wasn’t an event near me but I was told about the 2 week trial which after thinking about it I agreed so I placed an order for an electric bike and I was assured it would be delivered the next day and I would be able to track it in order to get an idea of when it would be delivered. I waited in all Saturday and was unable to do any tracking as TNT had problems with their computer system and had the same problems all week which I wasn’t told about when I ordered and asked about tracking. At 16:30 nothing had arrived so I rang Gtec up and was told it still might arrive that day or if not then on Sunday. It didn’t arrive and after waiting a while on Sunday I decided to contact TNT direct and they told me they didn’t deliver on Sundays. Another piece of wrong information given by Gtech. I rang Gtech up and cancelled the order and I was assured my money would be refunded NY the end of the week and the order was now cancelled. Monday lunchtime I came home for lunch to find a delivery note through my door to say they had delivered my bike to someone up the road. Being unable to walk much and definetly not while carrying any weight I had to go to the person who took in the parcel and ask nicely if they could bring the bike to my house as I can’t carry anything which kindly they did. I contacted Gtech to tell them why it had been delivered and they just blamed TNT which was probably correct but shouldn’t be my problem so can you confirm I’ll get my money back by the end of the week as I had now ordered from another company (ebike direct, great service). I was no as it was delivered I wouldn’t get my money back for 4-5 days after they get the bike back. Very annoying as its not my fault at all. I said I was free Saturday to waste another day waiting in but I was told they won’t collect on Saturday it had to be during the week while as was at work so I had to take time off to wait in. I was very annoyed but to get my money back I had no choice so agreed to wait in on Wednesday. A while later I was phoned to say they can’t do Wednesday or any other day at the moment due to TNT problems so I still can’t have my money refunded. What is going on I haven’t done anything wrong all down to Gtech and TNT yet I have to be put out and not given a refund. What a joke! Would I buy anything from Gtech in the future? Would you if this is the way you’ll get dealt with?. If TNT can’t collect why don’t they just use another company who can?

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