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noflameecigs not to be trusted

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noflameecigs not to be trusted

Complaint about No Flame E-Cig

I saw an advert on the internet for NOFLAMEECIGS starter kit for les than £6 too good to be true? well over £200 later I finally put a stop to them taking money out of my account £79.99 £59.99 £59.99 + the original payment when I tried to get my money back I was told that they where so sorry and all I need to do is to go to bank and get them to call there company and they would proses m refund so I went to the bank and was told that it was against the law to discus my account with a third party I the got on to NOFLAMEECIGS to let them know this fact which they already new and was told in order to proses my refund the bank must call them. nice ploy yes. Part of there ploy is to say if you have made a dispute on the charge they have made on your account they cant give you a refund. in my opinion this company are thieves not that they will brake into your house and steel but they do it legally' by paper work. by not saying I don't want what you are selling I agree to purchase. what I received in the male I would not pay £20 for, yet I was charged £200. only to be told by there no conscience receptionist so sorry we are trying to help you sir. I work hard for my money and feel strongly when some one be hind a desk steels it . how it works you see a advert for around £5 to £6 too good to be true?, you make a purchase one month later they take £79.99 out of your account 1 month after that you receive 6 refills and £59.99 out of your account I month after that you receive another 6 refills and another £59.99 out of my account. all this for something worth about £2.50 in my opinion. You would do well to remember this name NOFLAMEECIG but don't take my word for it if you have a spare £200 try it for your self

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