morrisons van rips the front of my car off & driver denys it - Complaint about Morrisons - A Spokesman Said

morrisons van rips the front of my car off & driver denys it

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steve harrison


morrisons van rips the front of my car off & driver denys it

Complaint about Morrisons

ordered online shop from morrisons as usual when van turned up approx 6.45/6.50am. neighbours & my partner still in bed as early sunday when heard crash noise which woke up my partner & several neighbours i was in kitchen at rear did'nt hear where the vehicle(morrisons van) was postioned could not see front of my car from upstairs window my front door does not face road so i would not have seen 6;40am neighbour left for work my car was ok . what i do not understand is if it happened before the morrisons van turned up the morrisons van would have had to drive over the wreckage of my car which was the whole front of it about 3ft away & head light in middle of road to park over neighbours drive next door. the shopping was in bags not in crates at front door & dumped them in hallway very quickly as i have had numerous deliverys from morrisons i thought this was unusual.after the morrisons left about 30 secs i went out to see if the van was still there & saw this damage to my car i know this did not happen after the morrisons van left as i still had front door open.....i know accidents happen but its a company vehicle who are insured....ive contacted police etc etc .when spoke to morrisons they contacted the driver whose words was '' but theres no damage to the van'' ?? had no car for 3 days because of insurance being insurance now ive got to pay the excess etc etc morrisons have told us its a coincidence well i know what i think!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Amber-Rose Reynolds | 24/07/2017 13:12 | VERIFIED

Hi Steve, thanks for getting back to me. I've sent you an email which I hope you have received. Let us know if you should need anything else. Kind Regards, Amber-Rose Reynolds, Customer Assistant, Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC

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