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Failure to deliver when promised

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Martin McKay


Failure to deliver when promised

Complaint about DPD

I had a small parcel coming from Germany that was due on Tuesday 11th July. I had a text that it was going to delivered between about 11:30 & 12:30. I was at the delivery address. At 12:10, a text said, the parcel had been delivered and signed for by 'A'. I rang DPD, a Birmingham number, and after 25mins (!) I managed to speak to someone who said they would try to get hold of the driver. I explained that I could go to where he had delivered the parcel and collect it if he, or the person at the Rumney Branch (Alisha?) could get back to me. Spoke to another person in Birmingham who said they would ring me when the driver returned - nothing. 8am ther next day, I spoke to a charming lady (Ms Murphy) who said she would ring. Later, I rang the B'ham number and spoke to a 'robot' who wouldn't do anything because the details that I gave her didn't match the details on her paperwork. She gave me the data protection story even though her colleagues previously didn't have a problem. I asked to speak to her supervisor but she couldn't or wouldn't. I did loose my temper and hung up. A little while later, Chris rang from Rumney to say the parcel was on its way so I told him where I lived/worked - it's also on my DPD App - so the driver could find me. I happened to be on my drive at about 1pm and saw your van drive past on the A40 at the bottom of our track. I jumped in the car and gave chase to find your driver stopped at Keith Price Garages about to ask for directions. I asked him why as Chris had given him directions, which he denied. I picked up the parcel, signed for it, and left. The whole thing has cost me time, money and stress due to incompetence of the driver, customer services and the whole DPD operation in the U.K. The parcel came from Germany without a problem - it all went wrong once it got to Cardiff.

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Martin McKay | 14/08/2017 22:42

I'm sure that asking me for this detail is a ruse to make me give up on this issue This number was sent to me by Sporer in Germany. In all my frustrating conversations with your customer relations, this is the number that they accepted. Why can't you? Surely you can locate the information given the date, the names etc or is this another example of DPDs incompetence?

Martin McKay | 14/08/2017 23:12

The problem that you have is your drivers. They aren't looked after properly so you have a huge staff turnover so every time a driver leaves, all that knowledge leaves with him. I use APC and have had the same excellent driver for the last 7 years. TNT don't have a problem finding this house and nor do Royal Mail. So what are you doing wrong? You need sort your depot management.

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