Wren Kitchens are unprofessional, poor quality kitchen for a lot of money! - Complaint about Wren Kitchens - A Spokesman Said

Wren Kitchens are unprofessional, poor quality kitchen for a lot of money!

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Amanda Mcferran


Wren Kitchens are unprofessional, poor quality kitchen for a lot of money!

Complaint about Wren Kitchens

Went to buy a new kitchen after saving up for 5 years. Arrived at Wren plush showroom Febuary 2017 and were told what wonderful quality the doors and cupboards are. The designer made up a plan , took a hefty deposit there and then , and before the so called quality units could be made to order we had to pay the rest of the £12,700 .kitchen delivered mid May . First box we checked a large chunk of paint missing from door .WHEN FITTERS ARRIVED TO FIT KITCHEN i POINTED THIS OUT TO HIM , HE said that when he had gone! go round and check doors etc and let him know what needed replacing . First check 9 out of the 12 doors needed replacing as they were chipped or paint missing , 3 sides of cupboards and one whole cupboard unit which was damaged when fitter cut it to put extractor in . Wren sent replacements 6 of the 9 doors were chipped, paint missing ! Six more doors sent 4 Of them marked paint missing , Wren extra QC on this order! 4 MORE DOORS SENT THIS TIME 2 OF FOUR MARKED !! 2 more sent , 2 doors and one cupboard plinth arrived all marked. I have made 20 phone calls at my own expense to customer service and our kitchen co-ordinator who generally you cannot speak to as they are too busy! and written 30 emails to date . I cannot express how angry , upset ,stressed and disgusted about the way we have been treated by Wren . I asked for someone to come out and see what the kitchen units are like , no response , I have asked for a complaints form and was told , only when the kitchen has been finished and signed off can they then look into complaint? I have asked to talk to superior staff at customer service , Spoke to a team leader , who sent me some more damaged doors , Every other day since the middle of may I have rang or emailed Wren , I have waited in to sign for deliveries which arrive damaged , and my husband has taken holiday to be here to receive damaged deliveries as they have to have a signature. I am appalled and so stressed , I am going to take legal advice . We as a family wish we had never set foot in the Wren showroom , and wish that we had never handed over our hard earned savings . It has been a nasty experience and I wouldnt wish it on anyone . Worst of all we are still waiting for kitchen to be finished and get our house back to some order.

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Wren Kitchens | 31/07/2017 09:05 | VERIFIED

Hi Amanda, If there are any outstanding issues please let us know. I have passed your comments onto our installation team. Regards, Rory

Amanda Mcferran | 10/08/2017 08:00

I am still waiting on damaged door replacements, and have been told that Wren do not look into complaints until kitchen finished ! The kitchen was started at beginning of June it is now the middle of august I overwhelmed by the rubbish quality of the door fronts , again I wish I had never walked into Wren showrooms , this has been the most stressful disappointing experience.

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