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No refund on samples

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No refund on samples

Complaint about Wren Kitchens

Went to Wren to order a handleless kitchen the kitchen designer drew up the plans gave us the price to go away and think about it. We decided to go ahead with the kitchen so came back to put a deposit down but could not decide on a colour. As there was no kitchens on display or no samples in the charcoal colour or the slate we were advised to buy samples and would get a credit for them once we purchased the kitchen so we ordered three, one slate and two charcoal one in matt and one in eggshell. When the samples came we only received one charcoal and two slate which were both of the same finish. We decided to go with the charcoal colour so went to the store to finalise the order only to be told that we could not have the charcoal colour in the cupboards we wanted. We were offered another colour at a discounted price but did not accept as we wanted the darker colour, we said we wanted to cancel and was told we would have to call head office and they could not do it in the store (they were quick enough to take our money in the store but could not refund it) we called head office to cancel which they said they would but would not refund the cost of the samples as you only get a refund if you are purchasing a kitchen.............Hello we cannot purchase the kitchen as you have not got it in the colour we wanted and the colour we ordered the sample in, had we been advised that it wasn't available in the style we wanted we would never had ordered it in the first place. We were told by head office we would need to speak to the manager at the store which we did only to be told it is down to head office. Can nobody make a decision here. The customer service is appalling and i feel due to the fact we had no choice but to cancel and the fact that it was Wrens error in the first place that we should be given a refund for the samples we purchased, and to add insult to injury we were told the samples cost £15.00 each but were charged £50.00 for three.

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DEANNA WILLIAMS | 20/07/2017 12:17

I may not be the account holder but it was my card and my money you took. I look forward to hearing what they have to say after 5 phone calls to them already and three trips to the store, not to mention having to drive all the way to Southampton to purchase a kitchen in the colour that we ordered the sample in that you then said we could not have.

DEANNA WILLIAMS | 28/07/2017 10:26

Finally after numerous visits to store and calls got our money back

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