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Additional insurance fees added deceitfully

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Lee Williamson


Additional insurance fees added deceitfully

Complaint about Goldcar

I rented a car on the 30th June from Palma de mallorca airport. I booked through Easycar and paid to have the full insurance cover. When i arrived at the Goldcar desk at the airport, they did the normal procedures, ID check, proof of reservation etc. I was then asked for a credit card which would be used to take a refundable deposit to cover the petrol charges. To be very clear here, this was the only charge mentioned and on my reservation paperwork from Easycar it states in big bold writing that i have FULL INSURANCE COVER. Anyway, i return from holiday and receive the refund onto my credit card which is for less than the amount which was taken. I make contact by telephone, to be told that they took payment for full insurance cover. I made an official complaint on July 4th and i still haven't had any form of response. The contracts that you sign before taking the car are in spanish, and this is a case of Goldcar taking full advantage of there customers by using deceit. This is not acceptable and i will not let this case drop until i receive my full refund for the extra insurance cover. It very simple common sense that i do not need to have two insurance covers that do the same thing. I feel cheated and i expect this problem to be resolved asap.

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Victoria Rumside | 08/08/2017 11:12 | VERIFIED

Hi Lee, The insurance products purchased from other companies do not cover our cars that's why we either offer our coverage or customers must leave a deposit starting at 1100€ . You can contact us via this link to assist you further: Thank you. Regards, Victoria R Goldcar Representant

Lee Williamson | 08/08/2017 12:52

I know how the insurance works. My point is, did I ask for the super relax cover? NO. Did your employee ask me if I want it? NO. So why was it added to my bill? Regardless of what you say, it was added without my consent. I have already made direct contact with Goldcar and it's got me nowhere. You are simply taking advantage of customers, and I am not the first. I'm still wanting a refund.

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Lina Pijavcikiene | 02/08/2017 20:17

They did exactly the same with us at Barcelona Airport. They asked for debit card to make a payment of 296.95 eu, when we asked what is that payment for we've been told that it's refundable deposit. After holidays we got back only 112eu. Only then we noticed, that we payed for 'Super relax' cover instead of ref. dep. I just wonder what kind of training Goldcar provides for it's employees.

Lee Williamson | 02/08/2017 20:48

Yes exactly, it's deceit and trickery to say the least. These companies get away with too much wrongdoing. It's not right and it's not acceptable at all. I will keep pursuing my case because they should not be allowed to get away with it. Because I believed the employee and trusted her and obviously signed the paperwork, Goldcar now think because ive signed, that covers there wrongdoing.

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