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Complete and utter shambles

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Complete and utter shambles

Complaint about Wren Kitchens

complete and utter shambles and unprofessional best describes Wren. Ordered a new kitchen, given 30 minutes to decide if we wanted to proceed otherwise the discounted price would not be available(stupidly we decided to go ahead and now wish we had not). The goods were delivered in the rain and stacked outside until all items were removed from the lorry (i say removed as many items were simply thrown out of the lorry) direct onto a gravel drive, they were then lifted using a two wheel trolley with the result that gravel was trapped between the trolley and the box and deposited all across our carpet. When we contacted the store, they told us to contact the installation team, the installation team told us to contact the store and their sub contractor, which quite frankly is ludicrous, it really does make you concerned about the professionalism of Wren when they simply give customers the run-around. When the goods were delivered 3 out off 4 work surfaces were damaged, carcasses were damage (one even had a shelf glued into it), approximately 40% of doors/drawer fronts were damaged, integrated fridge freezer was damaged, fridge freezer would not fit as it was not designed for 22mm fixed doors (3 days for wren to find this out and only after I told them to phone the fridge freezer manufacturer direct after they suggested I contact the manufacturer to establish what the issue was, as it was not my responsibility to do this, it took me 1 hour to establish the fridge freezer was not compatible with the door panel), glass extractor cooker hood damaged, sold numerous add on items that the salesman stated were compulsorily yet these were either not required nor used by the kitchen fitter . We have now been without gas for 2 weeks and have been told we will have to wait another 10 days. The Wren subcontractor has just told downright lies regarding the LPG fitter, an LPG fitter was never booked for the job as confirmed by the sub contractor, both the sub contractor and Wren confirmed on the 13th that the LPG fitter would be coming on the 14th. the LPG fitter did not arrive. Spoke to the sub contractor who said he had never been booked for the 14th but was booked for the 15th, spoke to Wren who said he was booked for the 14th, no surprise when the LPG fitter did not turn up on either day. . We were then told by the subcontractor that the LPG fitter was booked for 19th, guess what, he did not turn up and when spoke to the sub contractor they stated he was only booked to disconnect the LPG and as it had not been connected they cancelled him, and that when we were told the LPG fitter was coming o the 19th we misunderstood!!!!!. They stated categorically that the LPG fitter would be connecting the gas on the 19th and we were pushing the to have it connected prior to this date. On the 20th we Spoke to Wren who said the sub contractor could not get an LPG fitter until the end of the month!!!!!!!. Following a lot of debate on the 20th and the simple fact we have decided to take a break due to the stress, we reluctantly agreed that the LPG fitter will be here on the 25th to connect the gas(believe that when he turns up). We have also stated that if the gas is not connected then Wren can come and remove their damaged kitchen (and we are taking legal advice on this and other matters connected with the this shambles) We asked for a list of replacement items that have been ordered and it came as no surprise that it arrived one day late and was incorrect. We have had no confirmation that a replacement fridge freezer has been ordered The installation coordinators do not appear to understand how kitchens go together nor what customer service is. We have spent 2 to 3 hours per day phoning Wren and nothing changes, even had to explain the difference between an sliding fridge door panel and a fixed fridge door panel. I have even threatened them with legal action and it has not made any difference. I have asked to speak to the manager on numerous occasions only to be told (a) he is on holiday or (b) he is unavailable and will call you back (still waiting for a call back). This is a brief (yes this is brief) summary of our experience and would not recommend this company to anyone. One plus point is the damaged items are being replaced without any fuss (just shows the level of profit they make when they can replace almost 50% of a £20K kitchen and not bat an eyelid).

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Wren Kitchens | 26/07/2017 14:03 | VERIFIED

Hi Martin, I've responded to your new Trustpilot complaint this morning. I have referred your comments to our Installation management team and asked that they investigate and that you are contacted. Regards, Adam

Wren Kitchens | 26/07/2017 14:03 | VERIFIED

Hi Martin, I've responded to your new Trustpilot complaint this morning. I have referred your comments to our Installation management team and asked that they investigate and that you are contacted. Regards, Adam

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