Lies! Lies! Lies! Currys again! - Complaint about Currys PC World - A Spokesman Said

Lies! Lies! Lies! Currys again!

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Perry Valentine


Lies! Lies! Lies! Currys again!

Complaint about Currys PC World

Hi I would like to make a complaint regarding my order of a Hotpoint class 2DD2540 BL Electric double over. The first delivery date I was given was Sunday the 16th of July, which was fantastic as I was not in work. Sunday came and I waited and waited... late Sunday afternoon your delivery tuck turned up outside... great it's here!! The drivers opened the back and said here you go here is your Hotpoint washing machine!! Which I immediately replied no I'm expecting a cooker sorry. The both searched their truck high and low but could not find my order, they checked the paperwork and confirmed yes it's printed here Mr Valentine black cooker... they then called the warehouse manager to try get to the bottom off the situation. He confirmed he had the cooker there he's touching it as we speak and that the order had come in late to the warehouse and they had tried to contacting me regarding this... firstly I had no missed calls that day.. Secondly if they had tried to contact me that day why would they still print the delivery sheets for the drivers. I work for DHL myself so I know this wouldn't happen as it's a unnecessary expense for the business. The warehouse manager apologised for the mix up and said my cooker will be delivered Wednesday the 19th of July without fail, I agreed this would be fine as my wife is home. Today Wednesday 19th.. I receive a text confirmation at 07:07 saying my Order will be delivered between 15:10-19:10.. fantastic I though! Prior to this I had organiser a electrician to arrive shortly after 5pm to fit the oven in question. He has now arrived and questioned the location of the cooker so he can get started. I agreed to call yourselves to try trace the Order. To my horror a customer service operator called khizar who was very helpful apologised again and said the Order had not actually arrived in the warehouse? I asked him to double check again as I had been told Sunday in front of two of your drivers and my grandparents it will be delivered today without fail. He checked again... no still no sign of my order he told me it has not arrived yet? How can this be after your warehouse manager confirmed it had arrived with him and he was touching it? I have now had to pay the electrician for technically nothing. Which has come out of my pocket and I am guessing I will have to again when my order actually turns up! After contacting customer service again they now tell me the cooker is out of stock!!! How can this be when the warehouse manager told me he was touching it!! Today I have a text message saying to will be delivered on Monday the 24th I ordered it on the 8th!! I will be forwarding a copy of the invoice from the electrician to yourselves. Numerous times I have been told one thing and nothing has come of it. First time yes I agree these things happen, but secondly after your warehouse manager told me down the phone he's actually touching my order and for it still not to turn up today... I think that's unacceptable. To

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Perry Valentine | 22/07/2017 11:23

Finally found out where my appliance is... when it was processed In the warehouse it was damaged. This is the reason Currys fobbed me off the first time. If they had actually been honest and said listen it's been damaged well get you a new one asap I wouldn't of minded but to have been lied to directly from a manage this appalling!

KNOWHOW TOHELP | 22/07/2017 14:10 | VERIFIED

Thanks for the extra information Perry. Whilst I see no advantage to us not being fully transparent over the condition of your cooker, I'd still be happy to look into this further, if you can email us as previously requested? Thanks -Marcus

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