No goods, no refund, no reply to any emails!! - Complaint about CeX - A Spokesman Said

No goods, no refund, no reply to any emails!!

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Jonathan Todd


No goods, no refund, no reply to any emails!!

Complaint about CeX

I have read some really great reviews on here regarding CEX and I know some of their staff are excellent also but my experience has been abysmal! All I wanted to do was to buy a certain lens from a particular branch, there were only 2 items of this kind in the UK so how hard could this have been to arrange via online. I have in the past ordered a lens from CEX and it arrived faulty and un-boxed (nothing mentioned in the description what so ever) so once bitten twice shy as they say. So in future unless it was a boxed item I was not interested. So I sent 4 emails initially via the CEX online Support portal to which I received absolutely no reply, so ever the optimist I decided to place the order hoping that my emails had been noted and that when the order was placed they would choose the correct lens from the correct store. But, this is where I assumed incorrectly as the then told me that they were going to send me the lens from the incorrect store at which point I asked surely you could just change the store from which it has been sent seeing as there is only 2 in the whole country, the response after nearly 2 hours was no I basically had to have that one, amazing that no longer does the buyer of an item have the right to chose which product he receives even after he has paid!! So, to cut an already rather long story short at this point in time I have no lens, no money, and no responses to my emails letting me know whats happening to my refund or anything?? All I wanted to do was buy a lens and still do as they CEX vouchers I paid with ...... simple really but with CEX apparently not!!

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