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Unethical Trading Practices

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Martin Anderson


Unethical Trading Practices

Complaint about The Range

This rating is for the unethical trading practices of the weekend store management at the Newport branch. The floor staff are extremely helpful and polite and, obviously, we all know that The Range has a diverse range of products in stock and are competitively priced for things that you can’t find on Amazon Prime (which is where I get most of my stuff); however, the conduct of the management leaves much to be desired. I purchased a large, dark-framed mirror (very heavy and bulky), along with several other items, spending over £90 in store. The mirror was labelled up with a sticker saying £19.99 instead of £29.99 but when I got home it had been charged at the full price. I took photos of it and peeled the sticker off to take back with the receipt (as I couldn’t carry the mirror myself) so that I could get the difference refunded, and buy a couple of other bits while I was there; but the manager insisted that the sticker on the mirror was an error and that the deal was for the light-coloured frame only. I said “well someone put the sticker on it”, and his reply was that it must have been a customer. Not a member of his staff, and not anyone at the distribution centre, but a customer. So, ultimately, after insinuating that it was a result of customer tampering, he told me that my choices were to either bring it back for a full refund (where I’d end up with no mirror) or keep it at its full price. Needless to say, I left without buying anything else. Where have the customer values gone? When something is mislabelled, where has the moral end ethical offer of refunding the difference gone? The customer is no longer “always right”, and have been replaced by managers with little evidence of manners or customer care. For this I give the store 1 star, and will not return. I’ll stick with Amazon, and urge anyone to carefully inspect the products and receipts before leaving the store, because the management will take no responsibility for your poor customer experience. For head office personnel at The Range, I hope you lose more than the £10 I lost as a result of this review. You should train your management to take responsibility for mislabelling in your stores instead of training them to pass the blame to the very people who give you their hard-earned money. It’s just poor practice.

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