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Rude smoke puffing driver

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Mr Stephen Prior


Rude smoke puffing driver

Complaint about National Holidays

After booking a Leeds & York trip leaving Sunderland Saturday morning at 09.25 hrs I arrived with my wife with Two sealed cups of tea and Two Wrapped sandwiches after completing a 12 hr shift at work to be told by the driver " you can't take the sandwiches on board the bus as it was company policy not to allow cooked food on board so I protested via pointing out what's the difference between a semi warm sandwich and a salad one and his reply was crumbs and yet again it was company policy .... What ??? All been said to us by the way with a cigarette puffing away in his mouth ... Which a customer pointed out next to us how rude and un professional our thoughts exactly .Thus I went without anything to eat for a further 2.5 hrs untill we stopped in Leeds and binned the ruined sandwiches and proceeded to get breakfast in a cafe feeling very angry and shown up ! We are both nearly 50 years old work very hard like most folk and think this driver was well over the top with his "food police" attitude . I could understand if we were children with pasties or ice cream or trying to board with open Curry n rice or a kebab and so on ... You get the picture but we were not and to cap it off half the bus began to eat food throughout the whole journey including pasta pots and pot noodles and sandwiches and crisps galore !!! Lastly i read my print out and could not see any company policy on this matter not did the driver announce this to any other customers !!! All this has done has left Two loyal customers disgusted , disappointed and smoke covered it's a total disgrace and definitely not a good advert for National holidays !!!!!!!

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