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Jennifer Whitehead



Complaint about Fabletics

Originally purchased an outfit - which I never received. When it didn't turn up I automatically assumed (as with most online retailers) that money paid would be returned to my bank account. Two months later realise an email (that I thought was the usual marketing stuff) said I'd got credits on account and that they hadn't in fact paid back the money for the outfit. I called them to get monies back and discovered that it was in fact a monthly subscription to VIP membership and that all I needed to do was "SKIP THE MONTH" to ensure they didn't take money from my account. After a lengthy discussion - which went around the houses - I would ask has the money been refunded to my bank account - reply was credit to my account - repeated is that my bank account - replied with yes to my account - what they actually mean is the Fabletics account and I could buy anything else - NOT money back to my bank account - which was the exact question.... I start to realise this is not right and make it expressly known "I do not want the VIP membership and in fact will never buy an outfit". After going around the houses I'm told they will refund 2 months credits. Great I think. Still getting lots of marketing emails - didn't look at them as I'm under the impression they have cancelled the account. To then find out they have taken a further 4 credits (that means 4 more payments of £44.00 in real English). Just completed a live chat to discover they've investigated my previous telephone call and I didn't cancel the account. They wont supply me with a copy of the recording (because I know I told them I didn't want the VIP account). Another lengthy typed conversation, again ambiguous wording responses and reading between the lines it seems like they are saying that I didn't say the actual words "cancel the account". Anyway they have now cancelled the account but will only refund 2 credits (again Fabletics English). I repeatedly stated that I had already cancelled the account and expected a full refund. They just will not give it - siting "Company Policy" as reason/explanation. Finally telling me that I needed to call them to discuss further as the representative I live chatted couldn't help any more. Remember the previous telephone call and they wont give me a copy!!!! Absolutely appalled at the customer service, just want to cancel the account and get all my money back.

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