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Unfair closure of my account

Complaint about  Depop  | AWAITING RESPONSE


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Catrina McGregor


Unfair closure of my account

Complaint about Depop

I have just built up good customers and reviews both as seller and buyer on my shop when i bought a top from a girl who then messaged me to say i hadn't paid her full amount i told her it was impossible not to pay what she asked then she demanded i posted a screenshot to prove it i did showing the £5 I paid via PayPal i explained it would be 37p yes that's all it was 37p and all this drama! charge on the sale from either PayPal or Depop she went on to say they don't charge?! I assured her they do i the end i paid her the 37p purely to get her to stop messaged but still she continued! I told her do not message me about this again then next morning i get up to see all through the night until 2 am she has messaged me abuse questioning how i was raised? Calling me names? Sayin she was cancelling order i tried to reply but was blocked so i reported this to Depop only for later next day when couldn't access my account checked emails and had a mail saying i had been reported for abuse in mails?! This girl had reported me! I was shut down with no right of reply they simply said i had breached messaging rules i doubt very much she showed them all her messages especially the 2am ones all of this was because she made a mistake in how the fees work or thought she didn't pay any at all! She had no reviews at all my account was in good standing with 100% positive feedback as both seller and buyer but yet none of this was taken into account just the word of one girl who was completely in wrong from the start and behaved ridiculously over 37p as a result with no right of reply as Depop have ignored all my mails about this issue my shop is closed i had orders which i was in middle of making which now can't honour thanks to this one girl who btw still has her Depop account it's actually disgusting and totally unfair that this is allowed one girl gets it wrong and hounds me till 2 am even after i cover her PayPal charge yet she gets me shut down!

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