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Shambolic Service From Start to Not Yet Finished

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Nina Gratrick


Shambolic Service From Start to Not Yet Finished

Complaint about Wren Kitchens

Although our designer seemed very knowledgeable, he went on holiday a month before our kitchen was due to be installed. We had to make some changes based on the second measurement as some of the design features would not fit. Every time we made a change that reduced the complexity of the kitchen, the installation charge went up. I gave up talking to the 5 different people (including the store manager) who could not help and waited for my designer to return. In hindsight, this is where I should have walked away. One email stated my payment date was the end of June, the next that my delivery date was the middle of May. The fitter was not booked for May and could not at that time confirm July. Eventually the design (and price were resolved) and the date set. We found that when installed, our wall cupboards were 4" lower than the previous cupboards and as such the tap we had selected would not fit (well it would but only with a 2cm clearance under the cupboard). As we had designed a like for like kitchen, I had not appreciated that our cupboards would be lower and the tap would be so close so asked if they could move them up. The response was no (unless I sorted this out myself) as there was enough space for the tap. Based on their design (of an integrated hood), I agreed supplemental work with their fitter, who has built this from MDF above the hob. 2 other independent fitters (who I am using for other work) have stated that this will not be sufficient in the long term as MDF is not waterproof. When highlighting this to Wren, their response was that this was my problem and I would have to sort this out with the fitter. Ultimately making sure my kitchen was fit for function was my job not theirs. I had to speak to the fitter (and pay extra) and I had to sort it out. 3 weeks after the installation began I have 15 outstanding items on my list which include 3 replacement doors, missing pelmets, poorly finished panels (paint run) and doors(splashes on back). I have a missing end panel and a cupboard that I can pull the screws out with my hands, no under panel sink. The installer has the cheek to send a completion form to Wren who then send me an email to ask if it's all completed when clearly it is not. My job to list the outstanding items and chase them up. No handover notes, no customer care. Oh and the fitter left all of the secondary rubbish in our home (anyone need a new sink?). Through all of this, Wren Installation services have not ONCE picked up the phone to call me and actually deliver an installation service. My contract states they will call me throughout the installation to check on the progress. NEVER NOT ONCE. I have been left to manage the moving parts of this kitchen and the fitter as if there are 2 separate entities. I had assumed that the benefit of using a Wren recommended fitter would be that they managed him but no - that has fallen to me. So despite all the crap, the chasing, the follow-ups (which Wren Customer Service do not know the meaning off), the emails, the calls, the stress and the frustration, they do not offer any support or go out of their way to remediate anything above. We chose a Sea Foam Infinity handless - do not buy. The finish is terrible and the paint comes of the panels with the lightest scratch.

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Wren Kitchens | 31/07/2017 11:59 | VERIFIED

Hi Nina, I have passed your details to your area, I have asked somebody contacts you to discuss ongoing matters. Regards, Rory

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