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Holiday!!!! Not

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Maria Noble


Holiday!!!! Not

Complaint about Thomson

This is the complaint letter I sent to Thomson: I am writing to complain about the appalling service I have received from Thomson since booking this holiday on the 5th June 2016 online to Santa Ponsa, Majorca to go Saturday 5th August 2017 – 19th August 2017. We received an email in March 2017 telling us the flight times had changed by a small amount from the original time we booked. That was not a problem, but when we received the final e-ticket in June, they had reverted back again. This took two e-mails to resolve, the first of which was just a standard response, so my email obviously hadn’t been read. This was un-necessary time spent on our part chasing Thomson. When we tried to pay the final balance on-line, the system was down for about three weeks before with ‘Technical Issues’. Apparently it is still not working properly. We had to visit one of your shops to pay, at our inconvenience, and even then the shop didn’t really want to help! Then on Monday 24th July 2017, I thought I'd email our hotel to ask for a higher room as it stated they had an amazing view. The hotel rang me and told me that they had no booking for us and they no longer have a contract with Thomson. I tried to call Thomson but was informed that they were inundated with calls and I needed to call back later. I then went onto live chat where I was informed there was no problem with my holiday. I was not feeling confident so I went to a Thomson store to discuss it in person (they at least were helpful). They could see on their system that a case had opened showing ‘hotel’, but they were unable to view it. They spoke to someone internally on my behalf after holding for over an hour to have it confirmed that the hotel had no longer had a contract with Thomson, therefore we had no accommodation on Majorca. The manager at Thomson Kingswood confirmed that if we hadn’t have emailed the hotel ourselves and made Thomson aware that there was no booking, we would have travelled all the way to the hotel before it would have become apparent that there was no booking and we would have had to dealt with the upset out there. I am totally confused as to how with systems that are in place today that this has got this far. Obviously the contracts department have been negligent at not dealing with this when it was established on the 6th June 2016 that there was no contract with Vista Club. How did the accounts department manage to accept three of our payments and allocate them, when there was no hotel booked? Vista club confirmed to Ric – Thomson manager at Kingswood on the phone that they had cancelled the reservation as there was no contract, so why did the reservations department miss this? I am shocked as to how this has slipped through the net, so many times! They could not at this time offer me alternative accommodation as it was going through a process (quite what that means no-one could explain). The very rude and aggressive lady called Hannah from the program team, who made me feel like it was my fault, could not tell me when they could or where they would be able to offer alternative accommodation. This was only 10 days away from departure. I am still unsure as to why they couldn’t as they were aware of the situation on Monday 24th July, so surely relocating us should have been a top priority. So why by Wednesday had this not been handled, I really don’t understand? I couldn't risk waiting and it not being the right hotel for us and also as trying to contact Thomson to discuss whatever they might finally have offered is almost impossible, we had to get them to cancel my holiday and accept a refund. I have an Autistic son, so that is why I book along time in advance as it needs to be the right holiday for us. He is now extremely upset about not having a holiday that he was looking forward to so much. It’s very difficult to explain what has happened. He cannot understand why it’s been cancelled, only that it has. The way this has been handled by Thomson is nothing short of disgraceful. I should have been contacted back in June 2016 when the contract ended with Vista Club Hotel. Thomson’s negligence is causing our family a lot of unnecessary stress and upset. We now cannot find an alternative suitable holiday at such short notice. We have also lost a lot of money with regards to this holiday paying for car parking, insurance, holiday essentials etc. It states in ABTA’s key facts about the law that you have breached your contract with us. ‘Therefore significant compensation is expected for: Out-of-pocket expenses: the refund of any reasonable additional expenses you incurred as a result of the breach of contract. These might be the cost of unavoidable phone calls or additional transport costs, if they were incurred as a result of the problems. Loss of enjoyment: an amount to compensate for the disappointment and distress caused by things going wrong.’ The whole process since booking this holiday with Thomson has been hard work and stressful. The sheer incompetence from Thomson has caused us to lose a family holiday we were looking forward to for over a year, someone needs to be accountable for this. I have researched into your Customer Service support and everywhere states that your service is amazing when things go well, but horrendous when problems occur and that you have a lot of disappointed customers! I have all the correspondence from this unbelievable situation should you require it, or should it be required if we have to pursue this matter further. We request £500 per person for out of pocket expenses, distress caused to my family, especially the distress to my special needs son and the disappointment you have caused and could have avoided if you hadn’t been so incompetent. I have already contact ABTA and they informed me I have to inform you of my complaint before they will take over this matter. You have 14 days to respond to this letter and 28 days to provide a detailed response, so I look forward to hearing from you imminently.

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