Ruining my credit score and costing me hundreds of £ - Complaint about NatWest - A Spokesman Said

Ruining my credit score and costing me hundreds of £

Complaint about  NatWest  | AWAITING RESPONSE


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Natassia Gunn


Ruining my credit score and costing me hundreds of £

Complaint about NatWest

In October 2015 my bank account went into collections at Natwest. I set up a regular payment for a year. When it came to October 2016 I had to set up a revised plan to pay of the remaining balance, which I did on the phone. This payment was not set up correctly, although I only found out after receiving threats of debt collection. When I rang them I was informed that there was an error in the set up of my Direct Debit, and therefore I had to set up a standing order. Which I did. A couple of months later I noticed that my credit file was showing my account as in 'Default'. I noticed this when trying to apply for a balance transfer card, which could have saved me around £30 a month in interest charges. I was declined the card. I raised an official complaint with Natwest and they admitted their error verbally, however after another month I had received no correspondence and the situation had not been resolved. After numerous phone calls and Twitter complaints I received £100 compensation and was informed the Default would be removed. And it was, for a month. To my disgust, when I checked my credit file in May it had reappeared again. I had to go through the pain of reopening the complaint, which is a nightmare in itself as nobody accepts responsibility and I just kept getting transferred. I was again told that it was in error and it would be removed with 56 days. I was told I would get a letter to confirm this, which I didn't. 56 days later, still no letter and still showing Default on my credit file. I am still paying interest on a card that could have been transferred back in January had this not occurred. I am in a financial mess because of this and I don't know what to do any more. I reopened the complaint again, but it has been nearly two weeks since I was told a letter would be sent out to me confirming the reopening of the complaint and resolution.....but no letter has arrived. Help.

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