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Poor quality! Bad workmanship & no customer service

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Amanda Doig-Sands


Poor quality! Bad workmanship & no customer service

Complaint about Wren Kitchens

So we had a kitchen fitted back at the end of May 2017, we were very excited as the showroom really did Lear you in, showing you how great their product was by comparing against every other large company! Before fitting I couldn't fault the company, their communication of delivery of kitchen and keeping you updated was incredible!!! Then the problems started The kitchen was complete on Saturday 3rd june 2017, and to start off with there were faults right away! Firstly scratches to our worktop edging (this is a copper trim) and the scratch was so visable, the fitter wanted to just touch it up with a pen! It was also so sharp I couldn't allow my son into the building site of a kitchen as it genuinely wasn't safe to do so!! Then onto our glass sink, seemingly brand new but full of scratches, installations manager was saying that's normal, well I didn't pay 12 grand for a kitchen that looked used and worn from the offset!! Our larder door was all scratched and needed replaced! The plynth under our microwave was all scratch and needed replaced! Our glass hob wasn't aligned at all and the foam underneath was oozing out looking tacky! We paid for 6 under unit lights and 12 floor lights yet the fitter only fitted 3 under unit lights and 8 floor ones yet he's charged for fitted then all and had the cheek to take these as his goods even tho I paid for these (theft in my eyes) also with that he took my cleaning kit too!!! The first fitter also agreed to put lights into ceiling and put up wet walls although I've never paid for this as he hasn't done (his words were he didn't have time anymore) he has put us in a position we have no ceiling done and been warned it may not happen now as it should have been complete before fitting!!! After weeks and weeks with these issues getting no where with dave riddle the installations manager (whom may I add had the worse attitude to all wren customers) he couldn't careless! He also couldn't care people have paid 20-30 grand and left with no workable kitchens! Anyway we eventually got new goods sent out worktops plinth doors etc New fitter arrives!!! He looks to remove worktops and takes out dishwasher etc, only to decide no it's gonna be took much work to do so Another wasted day off work, so as he leaves the dishwasher is no longer aligned which has then offset my washing machine and my cutlery drawer! I don't know what he done! But he also didn't put back correctly so as I opened the dishwasher door this scratched all done the kick board and smashing that only my feet! As I've went down to look under my units was rubble everywhere, £5000 the said my fitting was and they don't even sweep out, they charged me a further £890 for electrics and all my cables are lying loose messy and looking very like local council done this job!!! He also broke my brand new washing machine door so now I am having to wait in for Hoover to rectify this, just a shower of cowboys!!! A full day off work unpaid and all this fitter done was replace the larder door which now I am having issues with as it's bouncy and creaks it didn't do this before he changed door!!!! Issues just keep coming the quality of these doors and plinths are shocking u just look at them and they chip and scratch Two wall units had massive gaps very shocking finish so fitter came In and filled with poly filler which now looks like someone that knows nothing about diy has fitted them, the unit my microwave holds he said the gap was for to let heat escape but he's still filled this anyway 🤔🤔🤔 Marks on cutlery drawer! Two doors have the effect that is like it's started to bubble which seems to be a massive problem I am now reading about wren! £890 for electrics and they can't even leave the sockets straight making them an eye sore as you are drawn to them! Another scuff on fridge door They never cleaned up after first fitting I am still picking plastic off my doors as well as that night myself and husband were in 5 hours cleaning up after fitters the sawdust etc!!! I wouldn't do this with a brand new car so why would I with a kitchen to same value Cupboard shelf all marked still awaiting new one and scratches to cutlery tray which I wasn't going to mention but to be fair it's shocking they think this is acceptable!! So another day! Another delivery, more time off work unpaid Delivery arrives with main items missing like the sink!!! New work tops damaged again! Doors scratched And to top it off an hour before fitter is due he decides he can't be bothered as the royal highland show is on bearing in mind I have been waiting all morning taking a day off yet again for these clowns!!! Because of these cowboys I have had to cancel my decorator 3 times and my floor fitter once! All that have cost me money!!! My son was unable to use the kitchen as he wishes as it's a building site and the copper edge was a danger in itself for a ten year old it has now (4-5weeks on) been filled down which has damaged it further but taken away the safety aspect that could have slashed his hand open!!! Wren have came into my home I trusted them but they have left us in a bomb site it's so disheartening all that money and it's not work a penny of it!!! It effects our daily life and mental health is unreal until you go thru this you just don't appreciate the damage it does to your well being and mental health!!! First fitters left my drive way in a vile mess after 4 weeks they got someone to sweep it!!! It's still a mess and I refuse to clean up after two grown men so this is still on going to be rectified too!!! It also Took over a week to remove crap from driveway leaving us unable to use what we had a driveway put in for more hassle with them as a company!!!! So we are still no further forward as on 21st July yes 7 weeks after completion, they returned and following had happened!!! The realigned the units - no I opened washing machine door and all units dropped again causing them all to still not be aligned Larder door same still creaking and bouncy and scuffed in corner I took another day off for Hoover to fix my washing machine their fitter broke!! They decided to use touch up pen on work tops and now I'm left with big red marks on the work top But funny enough the stolen goods they said they didn't take they returned with no apology to stealing!!!! As I write this 9th Aug 2017, now 10 weeks on! And we r no further forward We have so many doors chipped and scratched a sink still not replaced work tops that are all damaged the electric sockets all squint! Larder door creaking and bouncy as if its years old and needing replaced! The list goes on we are tired and disheartened as when you speak to wren they actually don't care When you give them a few home truths they then say you are being. Verbally abusive for stating facts!!!! This company needs investigated! I've never came across so many issues and now seeing on wren kitchens disasters in Facebook the only this I can take from all of this is I am not alone by far Amanda

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Wren Kitchens | 09/08/2017 10:42 | VERIFIED

Hi Amanda, As you have an open dispute with Barclays, I am unable to assist directly. Penny remains your point of contact, so I would advise discussing your concerns with her. Regards, Adam

Amanda Doig-Sands | 09/08/2017 10:52

I am trying to but the company is an absolute joke!!! I will make sure I get my point across to any potential buyer once I print off all documents photos emails and re order form after order form!! I will take a seat outside your Edinburgh showroom and stop ever potential buyer on way in and out!!!! Plus direct them to Facebook wren kitchen disasters as I wish some one did for me before buying

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