Kitchen doesnt fit - Had to rebuild a stud wall - Complaint about Wren Kitchens - A Spokesman Said

Kitchen doesnt fit - Had to rebuild a stud wall

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Emma Miller


Kitchen doesnt fit - Had to rebuild a stud wall

Complaint about Wren Kitchens

my kitchen units don’t fit, I was designed 3 symmetrical units so it’s all looks lovely and flows well. Reality is I have 2 symmetrical cupboards and the third has now 2 different size doors. A 600 left door and a 450 right? Quite the error Then comes the realisation that after having paid to get my wall taken down, which was all in the plan, To fit the larder units in – The larder unit is too big! It sticks out. This then meant my joiner had to build some wall back up! So I have had to foot the bill for that. The designer admitted, this was due to an error where the surveyor uploaded the wrong measurements. A clear admission of wren error yet here I am no further forward with any resolve. I’d like to say that was all that happened but NO it doesn’t finish there, my boiler cupboard is a different shade from the rest of the gloss kitchen, They sent a matt housing, My wife calls AGAIN I get a new one sent, Great, Except and im sure you can guess where I’m going here, IT IS STILL THE WRONG CUPBOARD. I have complained so many times its embarrassing. Next thing after countless explanations over the phone I was asked to fill in a form, I did that, I then sought out the director to step in and see if he could at all help. To be told too bad its my responsibility not the designer / surveyor who came out from wren. I just want the cost of the wall covered, I will forever have to live with a sticking out larder unit as it houses an oven but id like to have some sort of compensate for my financial loss to fix wrens error and I still dont have the correct boiler housing

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Wren Kitchens | 09/08/2017 10:40 | VERIFIED

Hi Emma, As advised via Twitter, I'm unable to assist you directly due to you having escalated your complaint to our MD team. My colleague Jess is handling your complaint, and will keep you updated. Regards, Adam

Emma Miller | 09/08/2017 11:42

Hi Adam I am still no further forward. I am discovering more and more people who have had a similar or the same service and its simply not acceptable. I have been responded too but its just exact same as has been said. I would have thought escalating to director would have someone have a relook at what is needing to be done to make things right Regards Emma

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