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Carolyn's complaint against ParcelHero

Carolyn maile


Parcel hero charged me for a delivery then 3 weeks later attempt to charge me more

Complaint against ParcelHero

After accepting a quote for courioring a pushchair that was based on exact weights measured on callibrated industrial scales, the dimension of the parcel and the parcel hero calculator, parcel hero then email me 3 weeks later stating they will be charging me another £49.50 for the transport of the parcel. They told me that UPS (the courier ) disputes the weight and dimensions, saying the volumetric weight was more. Thereefore UPS had billed parcel hero and now parcel hero were billing me. I queried this and asked for proof from UPS about this discretion. And we're told i still had to pay this and still no proof. I told parwcel hero I was contesting this and then didn't hear anything back. This was around 2 months ago. 2 days ago I recieved another email asking for the monies to be put into their account. Again I've contested it but received a response still insuring this be paid. Again I have emailed asking for proof. What can I do? I am frustrated because I took extra care to use their online tool for weight, used callibrated scales and measures the parcel correctly. If i paid this bill, the postage would have been well over 100£.

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Minnie Craske | | VERIFIED

I've had the exact same thing happen but my parcels cost nearly £400 to send and they want another £100 for one of my parcels as DHL have audited this as incorrect! I tool great care with my weights and measurements but now cannot provide them with the retrospective proof as the parcel was delivered a while ago to the USA. Having now looked into this, there are a lot of people wity same complaint

Minnie Craske | | VERIFIED

Have you heard any more Carolyn? Minnie

Minnie Craske | | VERIFIED

Carolyn, did you have to pay them in the end? They are threatening legal action from me so would be interested to know what others have done


Any news please?
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