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Sergei's complaint against ParcelHero

Sergei Maslenikov


Parcel Hero fake charges and DHL scam

Complaint against ParcelHero

Very Very painful experience Very bad customer care team. I wanted to return the packaging, but it would be cheaper to throw it away. I've posted with them twice before and it was not bad. The only downside always was and is, they don't insure a lot of things, much less than a courier themselves. You'll never win case if something is broken during post. Only if lost, you've got half a chance to claim 60£, because the rest wasn't insured, because your item can't be insured. Catch 22. It's similar experience like with house or health insurance, when you're not really insured and you're on your own in most cases. It will always look good, until you get an email from them with additional invoice to pay 4 times on top what, you've paid. It's a shock at first, you think it's some kind mistake, but it's too late, you're victim of international courier service scam! They don't care about you as their client then. Their couriers have rights to bill them any money claiming, that sizes and weights were twice the actual without any proof. They take couriers side, although pretend to be on yours. Every response I was getting from customer care was from different person with stupid questions, but then totally ignoring your answers. The combined weight was declared correctly. Then they stated, that DHL sent them an invoice for extra 54£ claiming the size was 1.96mx40cmx30cm. When the actual size of a roll was 1mx30x30. I've confronted them taking the picture of the same roll I still have had with tape measure visible as an evidence. Then they ask for a picture of the actual item with the label attached, which I've already posted. I've emailed back telling them it's an absurd request and they should ask for the evidence from the courier. They said courier doesn't provide pictures, hence I've lost the case and they charged me 17£ initially plus 55£ penalty. They deduct all extra money from your PayPal account, which comes as another shock. But apparently you've approved them to do so at some point, when you've paid them for this postage, by ticking their T&Cs. They will always point you after at their T&Cs, which you've ticked yourself, it will be somewhere on a page 22, don't worry about that. So, if you have to send something with them, you have to : 1. take pictures of parcels with labels and tape measure visible. 2. Wheigt it and take a photo of scale 3. go to your PayPal and cancel Parcel Hero as approved to stop taking money from you after you've posted it. But they don't tell you that before you post it, don't they. Beware! They lure you with cheap initial postage and then charge 4 times that!!! Scam!!! Very humiliating experience. Please tell this story everyone.

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