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Asen's complaint against ParcelHero

Asen Tsvyatkov


The Ryanair of shipment services

Complaint against ParcelHero

This company is merely a clumsy middle man between customers and shipping providers. Their business model is to generate better shipping quotes because they have a central business account with all the major logistics companies (UPS, DHL etc) The issue? What appears to be a cheaper services is actually more expensive, more incompetent and more confusing than going directly to a shipper. * you get 50% more expensive collection, rebooking charges, and you may not get any of your money back due to issues if you don’t pay their extortionate ‘Money Back Guarantee’ fee * you have 0 customer support - you can only contact via email or leave a voice mail to a central inbox. A pointless service standard given that shippers tend to move quite fast so by the time they have responded to your email you may miss your collection window... * due to the way they are set up there are multiple potential points of failure in the process between them, the shipper and yourself. How do I know this? I am a customer who has been trying to ship a parcel from one major city (NYC) to another (London) for a week now, without any success. You would think that’s a bog standard service. People ship things every day on this route. Not for Parcelhero. I have paid £100 in shipping charges, £10 delivery guarantee, £12 collection charges. I have paid for 50 minutes of international call rates on the phone with UPS USA and UK. They have failed to arrange pick up twice. And I am paying for it. As they say - buy cheap, buy twice. Spare yourself the money and the grief. Go direct and avoid the Mickey Mouse middle man.

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