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Zydrunas's complaint against ParcelHero

Zydrunas Ramanauskas


UPS audit incorrect.

Complaint against ParcelHero

Dear Sir/Madam On 25th of April I send ladder using UPS standard express service.Invoice Number 589419 TRACKING 1Z7E524X6846016431 I have provided the right weight of the parcel,that was exactly 16kg.itself! Also I provided/inserted the volume measurements which are 160x60x20 (cm). Therefore I believe I was charged unfairly and want to appeal the charge with UPS.

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Les Heath | | VERIFIED

Hello Zydrunas, I too have had the same routine from Parcelhero. If you look on Trustpilot and Reviewcentre it appears they are doing this to lots of people. I have written to TV watchdog through their online portal, maybe you should do the same. If they haven't taken their extra payment yet and you paid by Paypal you can stop them by deleting them from your Paypal account. Google this: How to cancel an automatic payment with a merchant. Good luck, don't let them win! Les

Minnie Craske | | VERIFIED

I too have had same problem...they are doing this routinely and it cannot be correct! I'm looking into naming and shaming them and contacting Trading Standards. Please let us know if you hear anything from TV Watchdog.,Minnie

Les Heath | | VERIFIED

Parcelhero lost interest in me when I deleted them from my Paypal account so they couldn't steal my money. If enough people complain to Trading standards and BBC watchdog hopefully one day they will be put out of business.

Minnie Craske | | VERIFIED

Les, thanks for that info! They had my card details and had already taken once for another one of the parcels from same shipment...I ignored that as it wasnt much so didn't dispute or worry too much. Then a couple of weeks later, they said a second parcel from same shipment had been audited and it was proved incorrect so they wanted another £100 for this one parcel!! Have cancelled my card now

Minnie Craske | | VERIFIED

Les, they are still pursuing me for the extra money she now threatening legal action, did they do this to you?
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