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Federico's complaint against ParcelHero

Federico di


Worst service possible

Complaint against ParcelHero

Worst service possible. In the live chat during the purchase, they were very friendly and assured me that it was possible to delay the delivery of a few days, as I needed, and that they would have taken care of that right after the purchase. However, after the purchase they suddenly became unfriendly and even rude on the live chat and didn't helped me at all: contrary to what they said before, they said they could not help me with the delay I needed and that that was only a pre-sell service. They told me to contact another service available only per e-mail. Obviously the answer was much slower and at last they said they couldn't delay the delivery as they promised to do before the purchase. As a result, I had to contact the currier myself, which was almost impossible for an international delivery, and now one of my two parcels has been returned to the sender after several failed deliveries. All thanks to ParcelHero. I have all the chats to prove this. My advice: DO NOT USE PARCEL HERO! SEND YOUR PARCELS DIRECTLY WITH THE CURRIER!

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