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MEHERNOSH's complaint against Parcel Monkey



send parcel to India reach late, then asking more money to release the parcel

Complaint against Parcel Monkey

I send a parcel to India as a gift, through parcel monkey ', which was to reach in 8 to 10 days, but it reach after 25 days, after that the agent in India ask for more money from reciepent saying as a custom duty , as for me there where no dutyable items, if so then the parcel should have not been accepted, all the items were mention in the invoice, but we still aggree to pay custom duty,sometime later they ask us to pay broker fees, when ask to parcel monkey why that, they said it was goverment fees as ask to my reciepent in India ,that the agent in india are asking more money there are no such fees by Goverment complain to parcel monkey, they say you have to pay that fees,i think that is not right, I payed parcel monkey to deliver my parcel , why i have to pay broker fees to release the parcel, if so they should have mention it before complain to them many times ,but they say that i have to pay or the parcel will be dispose off I think this is just money making buisness and cheating peopple

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This is with regard to Parcel which was sent as a gift through your Courier to Mumbai – India. Unfortunately the parcel has not yet reached. The courier you used Aramex asked for freight clearance charges which was not informed by you. Secondly the parcel was a gift and they also asked for duty. There is all non dutiable items like mould for making chocolate, flavoring for chocolates & paper design doe chocolates. I would like to claim for all the items including the courier charges
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