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Mark's complaint against Yodel

Mark Cooke


Atrocious Service From Start To Finish. NEVER USE YODEL!

Complaint against Yodel

Everything was badly handled. Yodel emailed me on the Saturday to say that you’d be in touch within 24-48 hours. My next contact from them was 4 days later (seriously!!) and was received at 10.48 to advise me that my parcel was out for delivery. Surely advising the customer earlier in the day (say 6-7am) would be more beneficial and prevent more missed deliveries. No surprise that I wasn’t at home when the delivery was attempted at 12.10. The card posted through was just printed, nothing written on it by the driver. I then changed the delivery date to 2 days later as I was out the following day. 2 days later I had no contact from Yodel whatsoever and the tracking wasn’t updated since when I changed the date. I contacted the company I bought the item from who advised that they’d been in touch with Yodel and that someone would contact me shortly. No contact was received. I then changed the delivery date again. Same result. Nothing received from you and no update on the tracking. Same results from when I spoke to the company I bought the item from. I finally got through to one of Yodels customer service people through their atrocious online chat service (it always constantly said that no staff were available). The lady I messaged was abrupt and rude. She advised me that the parcel hadn’t been scanned for some time and that she has requested a ‘base search’ and that I would need to chase it up with Yodel the following day. So basically Yodel lost my parcel but I was the one doing the chasing!! Surely when this occurs they should be doing everything you can to make up for their bad customer service? The parcel finally arrived the following day. Damaged to buggery. All 4 corners were bashed up and there was a hole in the side of the box. I could clearly see where the box had been sellotaped to keep it together after the damage that had occurred in transit. I had to contact the company again to request replacement parts which were sent by a professional courier service who did a proper job. Yodels service was atrocious from start to finish and I will never use the, again. I wasted 2 and a half days waiting in for this parcel, which, when it did arrive looked like the driver had dropped it from his van and driven over it. Thanks for wasting some of my life....useless. Will never use Yodel again!!!

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