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Ciara's complaint against Yodel

Ciara McMenamin


How is this company still in business... AVOID

Complaint against Yodel

JJD0002249102080001 How this company is still in business is beyond my comprehension. It only takes people to look at the previous reviews. It's unfair that we as consumers have to take a chance when ordering online of the company uses yodel. I'm a regular online shopper and numerous couriers have no problem finding my address. I live in gated apartments. Recently I ordered various gym equipment 3/10 was unfortunately being delivered by yodel. 7/10 delivered sucessfully from other couriers. Yodels 3 parcels. 1. The driver delivered buzzed my buzzer and told me to come down to the door as he wasn't going to carry it up (I live in apartment block) , when I explained I cannot due to illness and I pay extra delivery he came up threw the parcel on the ground and said I'm very lucky to get this delivered to my door. 2.was told parcel two and three would be delivered today. Sat all day, no update calls or buzzers and later today updated with the following... 1 driver couldn't find the apartment, what a pathetic excuse its the 21st century. Sat navs, Google maps call me???? No calls, no buzzer nothing. Lies, Driver two couldn't get access. This again is lies my buzzer system rings my mobile phone, with clear instructions at gate. They didn't even try to ring gate as that's too much effort for them. These items were to complete my gym and our very heavy items some 60kg and they expect me a young girl with an illness to lift these parcels from my communal apartment door, I am 2 floors up. Every other courier, ikea, argos amazon prime all deliver to my door as THATS WHAY THEY ARE PAID TO DO!!! These parcels are obviously too heavy for the one driver you seem to allow to deliver parcels with need two or more people. They've seen its an apartment and just couldn't be bothered delivering it, as that would mean actual work involved. I will ensure I will put this in every review site possible to ensure people start avoiding all retailers who use yodel. I mean honestly look at your reviews, they are shocking! Hopefully make them see sence. There's better, reliable and customer focused couriers out there. We are all paying for a service and we deserve better! It is now a Bank Holiday weekend and my parcels will be 4 days overdue. Birthday present ruined, all because your incompetent drivers. I want an explanation for all this.

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