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Sherry's complaint against myHermes

Sherry MacBeth


Damage To Phone After Picked Up

Complaint against myHermes

Against my better judgment, I decided to use MyHermes to deliver a mobile phone to a woman who purchased it from me. She paid £75.00. I took pictures of the phone, in working order, screen on, no damage what so ever, before packaging it and sent those images to her. I did this for a reason. In the past, I have had MyHermes couriers deliver broken packages. Now, the phone was packaged in its box, in bubble wrap, in a waterproof mailbag, in my home until it was picked up on Thursday afternoon, 31st of January. Between the time it was picked up and the time it was delivered (on Monday the 4th of February) the phone had sustained damage to the screen, which I have pictures of. The damage is clearly from the phone either being left in cold temperatures, in a damp area, or from someone tossing it around. I got the notification that it had been her shed, that had no protection! After speaking to her, she said the shed was by no means a designated "safe place" and that the myhermes courrier left her gate unsecured and wide open. As it stands, this company had caused unnecessary damage to a phone that was in perfect working order and well packaged for the trip. This is not the first time this company has either screwed up a delivery, left a package in an unsecured place (they left an etched wine glass at the bottom of one of my bins not too long ago), or has delivered an item damaged. This is unacceptable! I and this woman are now out a phone and £75! I am taking this matter to Ombudsman, social media, the news if I have to! I have had enough! This has caused no amount of stress and is just flat out unacceptable for a courier company to do. Their couriers have no clue as to how to handle packages, and this one stated on the package that it was a mobile phone!! Packages are not being stored properly, and they are getting left in unsecured locations. I think at least that this woman should be compensated for the money she paid for a phone that was working fine until it got into their incompetent hands!

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