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joanna's complaint against myHermes

joanna rothwell


myhermes have lost my parcel

Complaint against myHermes

To whom this may concern, I'am writing to you today to raise my concerns about my missing parcel ! On the 15th of september i thought i would give myhermes a go and dropped my parcel off at my local drop off point .After a week i contacted the seller to see if she had recieved her parcel to which she replied , (no ) and no note was posted through her door !! After numerous phone calls , live chats and messages on face book i was told they had attempted to post the parcel three times yet she didn't get a note !! i then got an invoice from myhermes with no explanation to pay for the parcel to be returned to me !! i also sent two emails and the only response i got was someone will get back to you within 48 hours ..... still waiting now .... I was also told there was no returns address in my parcel which seems strange as i printed it off on myhermes page when paying for the parcel !! when tracking my parcel it says with courier to attempt delivery on the 18th of sept , still says that now !! i was then told my parcel was being sent back to me and had gone to the hub ??? this is where it gets interesting as now it has been lost in transport !! all in all this has been going on a month today !! i feel i have been fobbed off over the last four weeks , something very dodgy about my parcel if you ask me and i would appreciate it very much if you can look into this and find out where my parcel has gone !!! my tracking number is RE: 9219370255621985

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joanna rothwell | | VERIFIED

The exact same thing happened to me !! My parcel got lost in transit ! What I would like to know is , where are all the parcels that get lost in transit ?? Just vanish like that ?? Just disappear into thin air 🤷🏼‍♀️

Lizzy 1 | | VERIFIED

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