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Christine's complaint against myHermes

Christine Hainsworth


Samuel Pepys Original Signature DESTROYED

Complaint against myHermes

I used Hermes to send an historically valuable picture that included the original signature of Samuel Pepys. The tracking showed it was with the local courier, then that changed to showing that the item was not delivered as damaged ( though well wrapped!) After enquiries they said they had destroyed it at the depot!! Almost impossible to get an explnation so wrote to their CEO. Story then changed to no record of damage. Said a sweep hadn't found it so that was that. ABSOLUTELY APPALLING SERVICE. Heartbreaking that such an item of historical importance has been 'lost'. Hmm. I suggest that it has actually been stolen and Hermes don't care particularly because they got their money and that's all that matters.

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Christine Hainsworth | | VERIFIED

I have to say that Shutl, through which I organised the Hermes service, has been much better at responding. As for Hermes themselves are RUBBISH- which is exactly where they say they have thrown this historically valuable signature. Avoid using Hermes at all costs!!!!
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