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Worst service I have ever experienced.

Complaint against myHermes

Courier didn't collect parcel as paid for. Told he won't collect parcel despite having paid. Below is a transcript of my conversation. I'd be interested to know if anyone managed to get a parcel collected during these dates as was told it was a nationwide fault. Although I would question the veracity of this claim tbh. Will be moving forward with a small court claim in the next couple of days and see where I get to with that. Disgraceful Live chat: Live chat: Status: Connected Please do not enter any payment details (credit or debit card numbers) or account password details when submitting your query or chatting with our agent. MYHERMES: (Listening) MYHERMES:: Hi, my name is XXXXXXX. How may I help you? Me: Hi there. I paid for a courier to collect a parcel yesterday. I took the day off and waited in without leaving the house for the whole day and nobody came. Me: I have taken another day off today and want to know why nobody came yesterday and when/ if they will come today MYHERMES: I am sorry the parcel was not collected on the scheduled date. MYHERMES: Currently, we are facing issue with the collections that needs to be collected on 27/09/2016, 28/09/2016, 29/09/2016. Our support team is working on the issue. MYHERMES: I request you to use the ParcelShop drop off facility if the parcel needs to be collected urgently. If you drop the parcel at the ParcelShop, it will be delivered within 2-4 working days. Me: I can't do that as I don't have a car. If there was a problem why wasn't I notified ? I paid for a service and it wasn't delivered. When will a courier be available to collect my package please? Me: also, this was due to be collected yesterday which was the 30th. Not the 27/09/2016, 28/09/2016, 29/09/2016. MYHERMES: this issue is also for the collection of parcel that are booked on 29/11/16 Me: OK. When will a courier be available to collect : this collection issue is for all the parcel collection within UK. : Due to the technical issue, the courier is not getting the message on their device for the collection of parcels. So they will not be able to collect the parcel without message on their device. MYHERMES: The only way to deliver the parcel is to drop the parcel at the ParcelShop. MYHERMES:: I am sorry, I have been of limited assistance. I assure you that this is the best I can do right now. Me: OK, so to confirm. You're telling me that there is a UK wide technical fault with your system that is preventing all couriers from receiving messages about collections. This is an ongoing technical fault that has been happening since 27/11/16? The only way until this fault has been resolved is to deliver my package to the local drop off point. Is this correct? Me: ? MYHERMES: Yes. Me: OK. Thanks xxxx I understand that you're most probably working out of a call centre somewhere and the flaws of the company that you unfortunately have to work for are not your fault but can I just ask if this is a pre-formatted script that you've been told to use for this kind of complaint? Me: i.e you've been told that if people contact you and complain about a delivery not having been collected you should respond with a scripted response about a 'technical failure'? MYHERMES:, this is not a scripted response for the collection as we are really facing issues with the collection service. You can confirm with any of our users. MYHERMES:, I will need to conclude this chat if we do not receive a response. Me: Thanks xxxxx. Finally, and I think this is a comment that you should forward to your supervisor. I will now have to pay for a taxi to collect me and drop the parcel off at a collection point. With this in mind, I WON'T cancel my order BUT would like a full refund of the amount I've paid PLUS an additional £10.00 to cover the cost of a taxi. I'd like this transferred to my bank account within the next 24 hours as a gesture of goodwill. IF I don't receive payment and recompense I would move forward with legal proceedings via a small claims court and relevant industry watchdogs. In this I will additionally be asking for my additional hourly rate of pay for the day I took off work yesterday and time this morning. I will also be claiming for the initial fee and taxi costs. My Hourly rate of pay is £25 p/h. I will be using this conversation in relation to my cliam Me: Claim MYHERMES:I am unable to refund you for the non collection of the parcel, however I can offer you 10% discount on your next order if you drop the parcel at the ParcelShop. Me: No that's unacceptable. I'd be grateful if you can forward this response to your supervisor. If said refund and recompense is not transferred within 24 hours I will move forward with legal action and leave it to the small claims court to notify your organisation. Me: I will also be looking into the veracity of the claim about a nationwide technical failure regarding couriers. MYHERMES: the best I can do is I will forward this issue on to our supports team. So that they will provide you more compensation and will contact you via e-mail within 24-48 hours. Me; Many thanks xxxxxx. I understand that this is probably not a direct failing on your part as an individual but rather an endemic failing of the organisation in which you work for. Best wishes MYHERMES: You are welcome. Thank you for contacting us at myHermes. Have a good day. xxxxxx has disconnected.

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