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Jagazi's complaint against iPostParcels

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Almost 4 months still waiting for return or refund!

Complaint against iPostParcels

Tracking numbers below CW007520822DE CW007520819DE From UK to Sweden for almost 4 months now, this company has refused to return or refund for the 2 boxes I tried to post with their company. They have given me every excuse under the earth, they have told me one month, one week, 3 days, 5 days and every other excuse you can think of. They have even told me next day. I have told them you know what, you can go ahead and keep the parcels if you so wish and refund me £80 for the goods. I also need them to compensate me for all the times I have spent on this issue, , emails, phone calls, research, worry, loss of client etc that has happened due to this. What sort of company is this? If my buyers don't receive their item I refund them and offer a profound apology and find a way to make it up for them but this company has held my boxes for almost 4 months (since sept) and shows absolutely no remorse! Their email indicates that the time I have waited is absolutely nothing. They just want me to go away and I have refused to go away. Please note that about 7 years ago a similar thing happened with this same ipostparcel. they NEVER delivered the item I sent to France and my Amazon FR account was closed down for not delivering a customer parcel. (item cost was circa 425euros) I don't need to tell you the loss of income that followed for many years. Their was no apology nor remorse, nor refund! I strongly feel that this company is trained to reject any request for claim. Can someone please teach the executives of this company that when things go wrong, they should make it right instead of fighting the victim and making my life harder. This is just pathetic Tracking numbers below CW007520822DE CW007520819DE

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