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[User Deleted]'s complaint against iPostParcels

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International Parcel Delivery - Item not being Delivered to Recipient

Complaint against iPostParcels

This is about a delivery of a parcel from UK to Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was delivered to a 'broker', which is DHL on 11 April. They were supposed to then deliver it to the Recipient, who is a doctor and the delivery address is a large public hospital in the capital. The broker has refused to arrange delivery of the parcel to the recipient, and has provided various reasons such as the delivery address is in a remote area of the country, which is totally untrue, to being unable to deliver as the recipient is a hospital, again which is incorrect. The recipient is a named person. The broker has asked for VAT details of the hospital based on their assumption that the hospital is the recipient. Such details are not available as it is a government hospital. The above sequence of events have been happening via telephone calls between the recipient and the broker, while trying to arrange delivery. I have also contacted ipostparcels by email several times to to ask for their assistance. I also contacted DHL international. Yet the only answer I have received is that recipient needs to arrange delivery with the broker. No one is willing to assist in this matter, despite the fact that broker refuses to deliver the item. I have contacted ipostparcels again today to ask for their assistance. They have stated they will not help any further. They refuse to investigate the matter with the broker, and a month has already passed.

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