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Ripped off by DHL

Complaint against DHL

I hope my issue I have with the courier company DHL falls within the scope of your service as I am quite desperate to have this matter resolved. I am 60 years old and complete technophobe. Ahead of a long visit to Argentina I sent a new Iphone 6 by DHL to a contact in Buenos Aires for him to set the phone up with the appropriate sim card so I could start using it immediately on my arrival. Nothing could be more simple! Unknown to me a mobile telephone is a "restricted" item in Argentina and it was seized by customs when it arrived in Buenos Aires. At no time when I sent the phone did DHL tell me a mobile phone is "restricted. " Had they done so I would never have sent it by courier. Now to release it Argentine customs are demanding the equivalent of £1,500 in cash which i understand from research on the internet normally includes a fat bribe of around £500. I am refusing to pay any kind of bribe and now DHL tell me that due to "bureaucracy " the phone will not returned to me in the UK until next November! A year after it was sent. DHL's customer service in this matter has been unhelpful beyond description. When the phone first went "missing" I was dealing with a customer services team who had little idea where Buenos Aires was and who urged me time and again to pay the penalty of £1,500. When I threatened DHL with legal action for breach of contract emails between me and their head of legal services became very unpleasant and he described me as a "vexatious" customer! I have been in touch with the Argentine consul in London who said this a matter for DHL to sort out, but the DHL absolutely refuses to enter into any kind of conversation with Argentine customs in Buenos Aires to ensure the speedy return of my property. I believe DHL owes me a strong duty of care. I should have been told something as innocuous as a mobile phone was a "restricted" item in Argentina when I asked them to courier it, and when the phone was taken by Argentine customs they should have made every effort to negotiate its release. Instead they have resisted every move to help me. I don't think I will see the phone - which cost me £700 - ever again. I do hope you can intervene. I can send you the various emails that have passed between me and DHL Best wishes JOHN COOKSON

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