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Sean's complaint against Royal Mail

Sean Sheridan


[LAPSED] Useless

Complaint against Royal Mail

1 lost rare item I still haven’t received it after 2 weeks and have had 0 help from customer service. 2 lost customers items i first sent two claim forms after customers didn’t receive items 1 I never heard back from and 1 I recieved 6 stamps in the post that never even covered the postage for one item I eventually had to refund them myself so I lost two items and had to refund I’m not a business just selling my own possessions so I lost out without any compensation. 1 parcel charged £18 I firstly received the grey slip through the post saying I owed the £18 so I went to the office to query the charge and what parcel it was I asked to look at it which he denied how can I not hold something I have paid for and paid your company £12 to deliver? So I phoned customer service if you can call it that, who then passed me from each department for an hour without explaining the charge, and they eventually hung up on me after saying I don’t know you’ll have to ring another number which was made up as I have called it 3 times and it doesn’t exist and I asked him to repeat it so I know it’s not my error. I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with Royal Mail in a company I used to work for and the amount of lost or damaged items is hourendous that’s how I know this isn’t a one off. All in all I really don’t know how or why you still operate if this isn’t sorted I am never using this service again I’ve lost out financially, my time and patience and now have extra charges for the telephone calls.

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Lapsed. Sean has not responded in 90 days

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Royal Mail Customer Services | | VERIFIED

Dear Mr Sheridan, thank you for raising your concerns via A Spokesman Said. I am very sorry to hear about the items you have lost. To allow us to correspond with you, please can you write to us at [email protected] and provide the item reference number, address and item details. Thank you. Royal Mail.
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