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Georgia's complaint against Royal Mail

Georgia Mitchell


[LAPSED] Horrendous service

Complaint against Royal Mail

Utterly disappointed with the service I have recently received from Royal Mail, my mum and I where both expecting parcels the same day. I came home to a calling card with my mums initials on telling her that her parcel could not be delivered however there was no mention of my parcel and no calling card had been left for me despite a email saying my parcel could not be delivered, The next working day my mum went to the collection office using the address from her calling card to get there and be told she had been given the wrong calling card and her parcel was not there. There was no apology nothing. The lady then told her to go straight to another one and that the parcel is there however she forgot to mention that it was closed. My mum spent over an hour and 45 minutes driving to and from the different collection places that night. The next day my mum went to the correct collection office to pick up her parcel to be messed around yet again. I have had to rearrange a redelivery for my parcel since I never received a calling card so couldn’t collect mine, absolutely ridiculous.

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Lapsed. Georgia has not responded in 90 days

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Royal Mail Customer Services | | VERIFIED

Thank you for your message posted on A Spokesman Said. I am very sorry to hear that you didn't receive your parcels and the inconvenience caused to you and your mum. We are unable to correspond with you within this site, however if you can write to us via [email protected] we will be able to receive and respond to your enquiry confidentially. Thank you Royal Mail.
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