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Antonia's complaint against Royal Mail

Antonia Baker


[LAPSED] Money going missing out of cards

Complaint against Royal Mail

I send money in cards as I dont drive and I think to put £20 in a card you think it sould arrive. I even sellotape the envelope and they still open it and take it out and then try to hide they've opened it. It's not the first time happened so I know I should of learnt lesson but my nearest post office is in town and I'm not able to get there so I put it in my nearest post box hoping that it arrives for my relative to receive this gift........but no!!!!! Its just not on that's money I put in to a card that can not even reach its destination without someone pinching it......!!! These people should be ashamed of themselves it shouldn't be happening so upset and mad.

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Lapsed. Antonia has not responded in 90 days

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Royal Mail Customer Services | | VERIFIED

I am sorry for the delay in replying but thank you for your message posted on A Spokesman Said. I am very sorry to hear of the concerns raised. We are unable to correspond with you within this site, however if you can write to us via [email protected] we will be able to receive and respond to your enquiry confidentially. Thank you Royal mail.
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