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jacqui's complaint against Royal Mail

jacqui beard


[LAPSED] reversing without care

Complaint against Royal Mail

driver walked to drivers side got in having seen me I drove up 15 feet behind him.he had delievered left his transit in middle of parked cars with me trying to poark in culdesac 40 feet in front of him.he should of drove forward than manovre a turn to go back up and leave estate.a car was 10 feet behind me.your driver decided in his wisdom to reverse which with quick actions I reversed a little knowing a car behind me.i beeped one short noise .he managed to miss me by cms into side culdesac.his passenger window was down I then shouted for him to hear "your reversing lights don't work" he replied with a strong "v" fingers sign .I shouted again no reversing lights and then I drove on to park.i wish now I got out and confronted the driver as there was 3 witness. this reall upset me because he was clerly in the wrong.we all have bad days up til then my day was pretty fantastic .approx. 1330 on wed 17th aug the bridle gl54sq

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Royal Mail Customer Services | | VERIFIED

Thank you for your message. I am very sorry to hear about your experience. I will bring this to the attention of our management team responsible for Royal Mail operations in Stroud. rgds - Royal Mail HQ
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