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Caroline 's complaint against Royal Mail

Caroline Wardell


[LAPSED] Royal mail didnt send me my compensation after made a mistake with my passport

Complaint against Royal Mail

End of May the post man from Royal Mail put a delivery ticket through my post box, I went to my local post to pick up my item which was actually my passport, but the woman in the post office said to me that my item has been sent by mistake to a sorting office 240 miles away, I spent my time calling the customer service to complain, none of them has done anything to find my passport. Three differents people on the phone said to me we have to wait but 5 days later nothing. My husband decides to call again and was really angry with them, the woman on the phone said that nobody that we previously spoke to had done anything to resolve this problem, so she said to us that she will refer to the escalation team, the woman from the escalation team said that she will see with the manager from the sorting post where is the passport but she didn't call back so I had to call this woman, told me after all that stress that my passport has been sent back to the sender. The day after this woman from the escalation team said to me that they will send me a cheque of 20 pounds for compensation that I ve never received, I ve called twice the customer service to know why I didn't receive my cheque all of them said they going to check if the cash has not been taken and if it's OK to resend the check after 7 days to 10 days. Now it 's 6 weeks that I m waiting for this cheque, even if it's just twenty pounds by principe they should send that cheque for all the stress and inconvenience they have caused.

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Lapsed. Caroline has not responded in 90 days

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Royal Mail Customer Services | | VERIFIED

I am sorry for the delay in replying but thank you for your message posted on A Spokesman Said. I am very sorry to hear of the concerns raised. We are unable to correspond with you within this site, however if you can write to us via [email protected] we will be able to receive and respond to your enquiry confidentially. Thank you Royal mail.
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