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Laura's complaint against Royal Mail

Laura Hart


[LAPSED] Royal Mail Postal Workers persecute elderly lady because she has a dog

Complaint against Royal Mail

Dear Ms. Managing Director of Royal Mail who's publicly posted email address bounces back complaint emails like a power ball, I am writing to make a formal complaint about the postmen/man/women of Sudbury, Suffolk sorting office, who are continuing to persecute myself and my 88 year old mother because we own a dog. A dog, I hasten to add that has NEVER come into even the remotest contact with a postman or delivery man at any time in her entire 9 years. This persecution began a couple of years ago when a relief postal worker decided to breach contract in the delivery of post that had been paid for by myself or the sender. This individual had NEVER encountered my dog – merely heard her barking, as ALL dogs do. He continued to kick up such a fuss about delivering to my address, where NO INCIDENT involving my dog has EVER occurred, that I was forced to make several written complaints. I even had the head of Sudbury sorting office come out to view my property and the padlocks, ropes, mirrors and other security measures taken to ensure that my dog could not enter the front garden unattended – as has been the case for her ENTIRE life. I was so insulted by the staff at Sudbury office it absolutely took my breath away – they even put my dog on the dangerous dogs register despite the fact that she has NEVER touched a postman at ANY TIME. In 2018 I was diagnosed with leukaemia and spent several months in hospital. When I came out, a friend had put a box on my metal front gate because yet again Sudbury postmen had refused to deliver mail despite still NEVER having encountered my dog. I was gravely ill, so no surprise I did not have the energy to remonstrate with the sick-minded individual who instigated this. In February of this year, shortly after I came out of hospital from a bone marrow transplant, my mother had to trek up the path for the post as I was so ill. She tripped and fell – neighbour as witness - breaking her nose and injuring herself quite badly. I had little choice but to rush her to hospital. The last place I should be in my condition was an A&E ward. As a result of this visit I was returned to Addenbrookes hospital 24 hours later with nora virus and flu – contracted whilst in the life threatening situation I should never have been exposed to. All this due to the wicked imagination of the vicious jobsworth – yes, vicious, UNLIKE my dog – that forced us to put a box on our gate. Since this time, several registered or signed for packages have been delivered to our front door – very loud doorbell attracting our attention – and there has STILL been NO INCIDENT involving the dog. However, today – 27th July 2019, I was waiting for a signed for packet from the assay office – an urgent package that enabled me to complete a deadline commission. Not only did the postman NOT deliver it, he put the ‘unable to deliver’ card IN THE BOX ON THE GATE! So he clearly DID NOT attempt to deliver it as the box on the gate cannot sign for a parcel! Clearly this nasty individual thought it would be good not only to breach contract in delivery – thereby effectively stealing first class postage from me – but to make me wait a further two days before I could drive – at my cost in money and time – to collect my parcel. He did not walk up the front path to attempt to deliver. He therefore did not ring a doorbell, so my mother - sitting just feet from the front door – could not have heard him. The dog was with me in my studio at the rear of the property in a closed room. NOWHERE NEAR THE FRONT GARDEN. I can prove every word that I have stated here – dates, photographs, hospital records etc etc. I can also provide several dozen statements from, DPD, Hermes, Parcel Force, Amazon, Tendring express, builders, plumbers, electricians, glass making students and several other service industry personnel that deliver to my property or have done work here, that will attest that not only has the dog NEVER intimidated or hurt them, she is in fact a gentle natured softy. Shame the same can’t be said for the low life who steals money from old ladies and cancer victims with his refusal to do the job he’s paid for! Please provide the following for my solicitors: Evidence that my dog has touched any postal worker in the 9 years she has lived. Evidence that Royal Mail has a policy not to deliver to houses that have a dog. I am not interested in platitudes; I am collating material to present to my solicitor. I will be requesting the name of the individual that refused to deliver a signed for package when I go to collect my parcel on Monday. They will no doubt refuse to tell me; therefore I am requesting that you get this information as I will pursuing the dismissal of this individual for deliberate theft of postal costs and deliberate withholding of my personal property. I am also insisting that my dog’s name be removed from any register suggesting she is dangerous. The dog cannot speak for herself, but as her owner I consider the label given to her as a personal attack on my character and as such, defamation and libel. I will also be seeking compensation from the post office for the 1st class postage on the parcel, the excess of £50 I paid to the assay office for ‘Early Hall’ and £1,800 in lost revenue as I will now be unable to complete the job in time, and personal damages for my mother who was injured as a direct result of the illegal, unethical, immoral and unconscionable actions of Royal Mail postal workers. I shall be pursuing this with vigour; I have now had as much as I am willing to stand from someone who quite frankly can only be described as wantonly cruel and vicious and should not be allowed to continue in the job. I shall also be posting – truthful details – of the behaviour, attitude and actions of Royal Mail employees on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, trustpilot, every social media and public forum I can muster and with ex colleagues in the caustic world of journalism. I understand that the new private owners of the post office are intent upon destroying the Royal Mail so the last bastion of cash availability is removed from the population – particularly the elderly. But perhaps postmen should be aware that when the power's that be have successfully destroyed Royal Mail and they find themselves knocking on a courier company’s door for work, they will be fired without a second breath if they refuse to deliver to a customer’s door simply because they own a dog! And finally, before your minions think to regurgitate post office policy on dogs, I will reiterate in block capitals so no one is tempted to insult me with official line BS. MY DOG HAS NEVER EVEN COME WITHIN TWENTY FEET OF A ROYAL MAIL POSTMAN – OR ANY OTHER DELIVERY WORKER - IN THE ENTIRE NINE YEARS OF HER LIFE!!!!! Yours sincerely, Disgusted!

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