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Henry's complaint against Shiply

Henry Stevenson


Shiply - they just walk away if there is a problem

Complaint against Shiply

The test of any organisation is what they do when things go wrong. I used Shiply to find a transport company to transport an antique table which had cost me £89. The freight company had quoted £73 to transport it. The table was damaged in transit - a repair would cost £120 The transport company quoted 'Terms and Conditions' and offered £89 (the cost of the table) 'take it or leave it' and no refund of the freight cost. The damaged table is unusable - so I have been left £73 out of pocket. The big disappointment for me is that Shiply have simply walked away - telling me that it's between me and the transport company. Clearly they do not have a service level agreement between them and their transport companies to ensure an acceptable level of customer service. Shiply tell me that I must make a judgement based on the feedback score of the transport company involved (their clever algorithms calculate this) - in the case of this transport company 94.1%. But what does this feedback score of 94.1% ACTUALLY mean ? Does it mean that this is a great transport company company with a vast majority of satisfied customers - or does it mean that just 94.1% of the shipments get through unbroken so only 5.9% of customers go on discover that the insurance cover offered is inadequate? Shiply - it is time for you to review your lists of 'approved' transport companies and implement a service level agreement that leaves your clients confident that they are protected if they choose a Shiply approved transport company

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