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Mark's complaint against UK Mail

Mark Hemmerman


Awful Company - Avoid and use another service

Complaint against UK Mail

Awful company. I received a text stating my parcel would be delivered between 12 and 1pm. Then received a text at 12.15pm stating I was the next stop for the driver. 2 hours later, I called O2, whom I had ordered through, and they contacted the UK mail team. I was then told that the driver could not find my address from the details supplied (which I checked and this was a lie) but rather than contact myself directly, the depot contacted o2, allowed time to pass and then the driver left. O2 then gave him the correct directions to an address that every other delivery company in my time at the property had managed to find. I was told I would be next for the delivery and that they had passed my contact details to the driver so he could text to confirm how close he was or if he got lost. Another hour passed and I called O2 back again. They told me that the driver was now three and a half hours away and would not be returning. I had taken the day off work and lost valuable time and money, not to mention all of the other things during the day that I had to reschedule. Next, I called UK mail at 4.08pm. I was told by the adviser that he would contact the depot to speak to the driver and see if he could still manage a same day delivery and he then hung up on me when I thought I would be placed on hold. Another 40 minutes passed and I called them again, this time I was told that the 'depot' would be calling me back within the hour, otherwise it would be passed on to the management. Close to 3 hours since my original call, I then contacted O2 online to express my annoyance. As I had guessed, they advised me to call UK mail again which I did for the final time. As it transpired, O2 had supplied an incorrect address, but that does not excuse the complete lack of communication between UK Mail and myself. The worst part of my day by far however, was the customer services representative I spoke to, whose name eludes me. She would not stop talking over me in the first part of the conversation, despite me repeating many times "let me talk!" she soon apologised when I was allowed to speak and made a reasonable request. She also felt the need to mention that her shift had ended 8 minutes ago and that she had other customers to call before she left in an effort to explain the abysmal communication skills of the company. I really hope the phone call was recorded as she needs a few lessons in customer service. She was an atrocious representative of the company, but then again, the company she works for is also atrocious. I was palmed off to speak with o2, no managers were contactable apparently and I am quite happy to advise every person thinking of using this service to try alternative methods. An utterly infuriating, disappointing experience that I shan't be repeating again.

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