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Nico's complaint against UK Mail

Nico Robin


Don't use it by choice! And beware if someone sent you something through the worst delivery service!

Complaint against UK Mail

I can't believe how terrible they are! I've ordered an iPad straight from Apple...they sent it through uk mail, what a huge mistake!!! Since I live above a pub, I put the pub as a safe place, saying "if open". It's a package one needs to sign for so obviously if the pub is closed, if no one's there to sign for it take it to the depot and I collect later. Well I thought the above said is common sense....i was wrong. The delivery guy left my package on the street (in London!) as the safe place.....when it requires a signature....what the.....and I said pub if open... He also left the little blue leaflet....but it doesn't have my full name (only first), no time, and I can barely read the safe place's name, plus it doesn't make sense.....definitely not what I said. So I had a little panic attack and I called customer service. The lady on the phone was extremely unhelpful!!! There is absolutely no point to talk to them........ So I called Apple's CS, which I should've done in the first place! Lovely and helpful as always, launching an investigation and replacing the order. But that doesn't change the fact that uk mail was unhelpful and unprofessional. The driver either stole it (only saying that because the leaflet is super sketchy) or he left it on the street (and that's just indescribably stupid!!sorry) I'm sorry it's long.....but I was shocked, quite frankly still am!! why uk mail?why? AVOID seriously AVOID

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