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Alan's complaint against UK Mail

Alan Heller


Mulitple failed attempts to deliver. Finally delivered with box already opened & contents missing.

Complaint against UK Mail

Amazon package was first scheduled for delivery by UK Mail on 21 Dec. Failed to deliver because UK Mail claimed "problem with address". Impossible to contact UK Mail via website because their 'contact us' page is broken (still not working today after 16 days). Automated service by phone does not give you option to speak to anyone unless package has problem. Eventually managed to speak to rep at UK Mail who told me address label had been completed incorrectly by Amazon - I confirmed address & was told delivery would take place next day. Waited in again - no show. This happened again & again - I phoned, they said "problem with address" I give them all my details, scheduled new delivery date - failure to deliver. Waited in 22 Dec, 23 Dec, 27 Dec, 28 Dec all failed to deliver - new consignment number issued by UK Mail = failure to deliver again Jan 2. Eventually I get delivery on 3 Jan & find package had been opened & some contents were missing. Asked driver why box had been opened & he claimed sometimes they were opened at depot for "security reasons". Checked original Amazon address label & no surprise to find that there was NOTHING wrong with my address - all was correct. Told driver that contents were missing & said I would sign, but wanted to write a note that item was not there. Driver told me that I didn't need to sign - so if my package is listed as having been signed for UK Mail should be aware that I DID NOT sign for it. Item missing was very heavy. Both original Amazon address label (16 Dec) & replacement UK Mail label (29 Dec) list weight as 9Kg. I weighed package that was delivered and it is 2.5 kg, indicating that contents have been removed & this has occurred since the new label had been attached. In short, a pack of lies and miscommunication. No responsibility taken by UK Mail for the fact that they took over 15 days to deliver a "next day delivery" and seemingly no action taken over the fact that box had been cut open & items removed (they say "lost", I say stolen). Congratulations UK Mail - you managed to be even worse than Hermes.

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